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Canine Behaviour with Pennie Clayton of Horse and Hound School

Guide to Good Health

Dogs have basic needs to stay happy and healthy among these include:

Good diet -  a good diet, is a balanced diet. Most commercial dog foods fulfill this requirement, but try to steer clear of food that contains bright colours. You should also check your dog’s toileting habits to answer any questions you have about his/her food. If your dog is prone to diarrhea, or has behaviour problems, it could mean that the diet is not suiting your dog.

Fresh water -  is a vital requirement. Your dog needs constant access to fresh clean water. Even if you have house training problems do not restrict your dog’s water intake this will not resolve anything. Your dog needs water to stay hydrated and to function correctly.

Fresh air and sun -  dogs love to be outside and it is imperative to your dogs health to allow him as much access to these two essential needs as he wants. When it is too hot your dog should have access to a cool shady area, so he does not become dehydrated or get heat stroke.

Good home environment -  the “perfect home” probably does not exist, but you can help by providing your dog with a comfortable place to rest, preferably away from busy areas of the house, and by not making too many changes to his routine at any one time. Dogs love routine, and a good routine will very often resolve any behaviour problems that may occur.

Appropriate exercise -  dogs very often receive too much exercise. Many people believe that their dogs need at least an hour’s walk twice a day; this is very often too much. Over stimulation is often caused by too much exercise. Don’t forget to take your dog’s age and physical condition into consideration when you decide to walk him/her, and try to vary the times of day that you walk your dog. Puppies should only receive minimal exercise and get tired easily as do old, unfit or overweight dogs.

Appropriate rest and relaxation -  make sure you allow your dog to sleep somewhere where he feels secure and that he is allowed to rest and not constantly woken up. Dogs get tired just like we do, and lack of sleep can lead to anxiety and behaviour problems.

Mental stimulation -  dogs love puzzles and it need not cost a lot of time or money to provide mental stimulation for your dog. Make use of used loo rolls, and hide food inside, or buy your dog a treat ball or Kong. Dogs love chewing and this will fulfill this need to help reduce boredom and stress. Alternatively do some nosework with him; it is very good for your dog to use his very well developed senses.

Correct socialisation - this should be carefully thought out. Socialisation should not stop when your puppy becomes a dog. Make sure you keep the social skills up, but do not force your dog to meet other dogs particularly if he looks tense or other dogs jump all over him! This will only lead to your dog becoming defensive and could lead to him becoming nervous and over reactive. Socialisation is a bit of a balancing act.

Grooming care -  not all dogs need grooming, and some dogs positively dislike the experience, but even if you decide that it is unnecessary or impossible to groom your dog, make sure you spend time with him every day to stroke and run your hands over him, this allows you to know what is “normal” for him and will alert you to any sinister lumps or bumps or any injuries he has received.


Good health care - you should find a vet that you trust and that you feel you can talk to and who listens to your concerns about your dog. This is essential because if your dog becomes ill you will need to feel that he is in the best possible hands. A good vet will also be able to pick up on any potential problems that your dog is having and will be able to help you decide on a course of action that feels right for your dog and can advise you to the best of his abilities.


Bodywork on a regular basis -  bodywork can include activities like “Swedish massage”, which consists of long slow strokes from your dogs head down his body to his tail; which most dogs find very relaxing. It should not last more than about 5 minutes, but will leave your dog relaxed and chilled out and ready for a sleep! It can also include therapies like Canine Bowen Technique, which is a very versatile therapy which can help with any pain or injury that your dog has, and can also help with recovery after operations. It is also useful for helping to boost energy levels for working dogs.


For more articles written by Pennie see Mrs Robinson Magazine

Pennie Clayton runs “Horse and Hound School” and is a dog behaviour consultant, Bowen therapist and trains horses. She owns greyhounds and lurchers and is very familiar with day to day problems with rescue dogs and rehabilitating rescue dogs. She is available for behaviour advice, training and problem solving for all types of dogs.

Contact – Email: [email protected] or on 07910 720961

Find Pennie on facebook HERE


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Greyhounds4me Hounds
Vera, Rocco and Sam are the Greyhounds4me Hounds.  Vera is a Duchess and recently celebrated her 12th birthday. Rocco and Sam are handsome black lads from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.

February 15th was Sam's 6th birthday and to celebrate we did some Toy Testing!  

Needless to say that the regular squeaky pheasant toys lasted mere seconds before they were de-squeaked and de-stuffed, but the long stayers have been the Kong toys.  No surprise that these are quite pricey!   We tried the Kong Air Squeakers and Kong Dodo.  Sam was completely bored by the dumbell shaped toy even though it has squeakers in each end.  I am sure it will come into favour when we have our next chase round at the indoor riding school.

By far the most popular was the Kong Dodo (pictured left) and, although it lost a bit of fur here and there, it has 2 robust squeaky balls inside which took a few days to silence.  Sam was still squeaking it at midnight on his birthday.  It was at that point that I was wishing the dead, and very silent, pheasant would return!  When Sam finally managed to pierce the squeaky balls with his special teeth, I was able to replace them with more Kong squeaky tennis balls and give it new life.  I predict a skin transplant may be necessary shortly as it is still taking considerable punishment from Sam and Rocco.  Vera kept out of the proceedings and only partook of the cake eating and tripe stick nibbling so a great birthday was had by all.


Greyhouds4me Knitters Around The Globe

Where in the world are you?

Valerie Hepburn sent in the lovely Summer photo from Victoria in Australia.

"Knitting in the Aussie sun,one of your patterns Val. "

Email your pics and locations to [email protected]

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2016 Solvang Greyhound Fest - Greyhounds take over the town
by Linda Weber

Imagine strolling through a quaint rendition of a Danish village and noticing that many of those walking through are also walking a sleek greyhound and you have the annual Solvang Greyhound Fest. The town of Solvang, California has hosted the event for 12 years and attracts greyhound owners from all over the West Coast and beyond.

The event covered three days of fun greyhound-themed events such as the Blessing of the Hounds, Poker Run, group “roo” andSolvang Streak fun run for the hounds.

There was also plenty of shopping for hounds and humans alike. Vendors gathered from all over to bring their greyhound-centric items for sale at the Veterans Memorial Hall.

The weather cooperated to make it a beautiful weekend to spotlight all the gorgeous greyhounds as they sauntered with their owners as they shopped the town. Many stores had signs welcoming the

greyhounds. Attendees were stopped by other greyhound owners and tourists alike for impromptu meet-and-greets between the hounds and question and answer sessions. The greyhound owners were very cordial and open to talking and educating folks about their beloved hounds.

It is bittersweet to note that unless someone is willing to step up and take over the event, this Solvang Greyhound Fest is quite likely the last one. Co-founders Dana Provost and Teri Rogo, dedicated and

gracious ladies who have put their hearts and souls into the event, are no longer able to combine organizing the event with their jobs, commitments and personal lives. It is interesting to note that both live out-of-state, in Nevada and Arizona respectively, so the event could be coordinated by someone not necessarily living in California. The success of the event each year should be a testament to this.


Doggy Treat Recipe

Peanut Butter & Bacon Treats

¾ cup low sodium chicken broth

1 cup creamy peanut butter

1 egg

2¼ cups almond flour or whole wheat flour

1 tablespoon baking powder

4 slices bacon, cooked, drained, and crumbled 

Heat the oven to 350 degrees F, 180 degrees C or gas mark 4.

Beat the chicken broth and peanut butter until creamy and smooth. Add the egg and beat. The mixture will look smooth and sort of fluffy.

Add the flour and baking powder. Mix until the dough comes together.

Stir in the crumbled bacon. Knead the dough a little to get the bacon pieces evenly distributed throughout.

Press or roll the dough out to about ¼" thick.

Cut the dough out using cookie or biscuit 

cutters and place on an ungreased baking sheet about an inch apart.

Bake for 20 minutes, flip the treats, and bake for 15 more minutes.

Let them cool completely and store in an airtight container.


Taken from



Handy temperature conversion chart


Charity News

Makants Greyhound Rescue NW need help to fund a new van

Makants Greyhound Rescue NW is based in Tyldesley, 

Greater Manchester. The rescue was founded by Siobhan Hoppley in November 2013.


Siobhan, Angela Kilner and a number of like minded individuals, got together to set up the rescue. Their mission was to provide temporary care for the greyhounds with the ultimate aim of finding loving homes for as many dogs as they could comfortably house in their kennel block. We are pleased to report that, over two years of operation, we have been able to home 66 greyhounds


In order to maintain the day to day care for the greyhounds we raise funds to feed and house the dogs by way of car boot sales, auctions, raffles and other activities such as summer and Christmas fairs and local dog shows. We are lucky to be supported by an excellent volunteer team which help us with with these fundraising activities, as well as with publicity (email and website), re-homing checks, fostering dogs etc. With all this support we have recently been able to build a new purpose built kennel block. Our next project is to fundraise to replace our elderly van. This is an essential piece of equipment as it enables us to transport our hounds to the vets, to fundraising events and also to collect food and supplies.


We received registered charity status last year and we hope this will enable us to expand our fund raising activities and raise awareness of the plight of these dogs at the same time.

 We are currently able to house up to 10 dogs at a time and have a strict policy that all our dogs are fully assessed, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped prior to re-homing, this is of course where the bulk of our fundraising goes.  We would dearly like to be able to help more of these lovely and gentle animals and find them their forever home and this is why we are asking for your support.


Please help us to save more greyhounds and give them the chance of the happy future they deserve.


Find us on facebook: Makants Greyhound Rescue NW

Our website is:

Our e mail is: [email protected]

Our Pay Pal details: [email protected]
Registered Charity No 1161079

Readers Write

Paddington's Coat

Hi Val,

As promised with your help, the knitted coat.  
When our daughter received the coat and put it  on Paddington, she said 'It made his eyes shine'
Many thanks again. 

Only Sheila and I know how much effort went into the making of this coat!  Well done, Sheila, for persevering in the face of adversity :)  x x x Val


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The Rocky Trilogy of books by Jayne Woodhouse
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Milgi Coats We specialise in making beautiful Fleece House Coats, Walking Out Coats and Bandanas for Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets.

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Find out more about Danny and his work in schools in the UK listening to children read


And Corridor Dogs



Danny the READ Greyhound

Danny has a new colouring page for kids and adults alike!

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Charity Fundraising 

FREE Greeting Card Template

A great fundraising idea from the talented Viv Morgan! 

Hound shaped greeting cards to make for your favourite rescue or Charity to sell at their events. 

Use plain white card and paint them or cut them from coloured card. The template is easy to print out and use. 

You can download the pdf file HERE

Ideal for birthday and Christmas greetings cards


Greyhounds4me Hounds
Vera, Rocco and Sam are the Greyhounds4me Hounds.  Vera is a Duchess and recently celebrated her 12th birthday. Rocco and Sam are handsome black lads from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.

Olympic Dog Walking

Have you ever thought that walking Greyhounds should be classified as an Olympic sport!? We even have 'special moves'
The Maypole (pictured) - where the hounds tangle their leads round your legs and body until no one can move at all.

The Up and Under - this is a counter move to the Maypole, made by the dog walker, completed with a flourish as you duck under the tangling leads and raise your lead-holding arm into the air triumphantly.

Jump Rope - another counter move to the Maypole.  This is more tricky and involves a backwards hop over the tangled leads. The hounds will almost certainly attempt to block this move by raising one of the leads between the dog walkers legs!
And finally.....

Dog Poo Twister - best attempted with at least 3 Greyhounds, in very windy weather or even hail / sleet.  The Maypole moves are employed by the hounds just after at least one of them has deposited a string of poos on the ground. The dog walker must pick up all of the poos by bending, stretching and reaching whilst the wind blows the poo bag off their hand and the hounds attempt to move off in different directions.  The advanced level of this move involves the introduction of a squirrel, rabbit or cat into the arena!

To submit your Olympic Greyhound Walking experiences or photos for inclusion in a future ezine,  email [email protected]

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Borzois, Greyhounds and Salukis oh my
by Linda Weber

The first thing you notice about a greyhound is that they are striking specimens of physical beauty. They are lean and sleek and visually unique.

Greyhounds belong to the Sighthound classification which is defined by hounds that primarily hunt by speed and sight as opposed to Hunting or Scenthounds which hunt by scent and endurance.

Sighthounds, also called more romantically Gazehounds, generally share the same physical characteristics: sleek head, thin and lithe neck, lean body, supple back, long thin muscular legs for an elongated stride, deep chest to support a larger heart and efficient lungs. This allows them to get up to speed and cover distance in a short time span. They also are flexible and fast enough to do turns on a dime and provide us with endless wonder at their zoomies across a yard or field.

With the sleek aerodynamic head, Sighthounds have a wider field of vision, up to 270 degrees versus other breeds which only range up to 250 degrees. This allows greyhounds for example, to see up to approximately a half-mile. For reference, the human field of vision is only 180 degrees. Many a greyhound owner has experienced this, wondering what their hound is so intently focused on that we can’t see for all the world.

A distinctive feature of Sighthounds is that their heads are smaller than their necks which is why they traditionally wear a special collar called a Martingale. This special collar which features an additional loop, does not allow the dog to “back out” as with a generic breed collar.

A small selection of dogs that fit into the Sighthound category are:

Afghan Hound, Azawakh, Borzoi, Galgo Espanol, Greyhound, Hortaya Borzaya, Irish Wolfhound, Saluki, Scottish Deerhound, Silken Windhound, Sloughi.

There is debate among some dog clubs regarding inclusion/exclusion of additional dogs like the Basenji, Pharaoh Hound and Italian Greyhound as belonging to the Sighthound category.

Ownership of a greyhound or any other hound from the Sighthound category will ensure that you are the center of attention wherever you go. People are always attracted to the unique body shape and lean and lanky way they glide down the street. They are beautiful creatures and one can’t help but gaze in wonder at these stunning hounds.


Charity News

Yellow Dog UK

Raising awareness in 2016

Next year we at Yellow Dog UK are hoping to attend more shows to promote the Yellow Dog campaign.  We will also start reconnecting with vets, trainers, grooming parlours etc and getting more information to dog wardens.  We believe that by making the Yellow Ribbon an accepted representation throughout the UK it will benefit everyone and make dog walking a more enjoyable experience.

We're also looking at increasing our social media presence - not just for owners of yellow dogs but all dog owners so that more people are aware of the Yellow Dog UK message - yellow lead, ribbon, bandana, means I NEED SPACE.

For more information please see our website Yellow Dog UK


Greyhounds4me Hounds
Vera, Rocco and Sam are the Greyhounds4me Hounds.  Vera is a Duchess and recently celebrated her 12th birthday. Rocco and Sam are handsome black lads from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.

January 14th was Rocco's 9th birthday and he had a fab selection of presents.  
There was a lovely phone call from Mandy at the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust to wish him Happy Birthday.  How dedicated is that!  Rocco also shared doggy treats with Vera and Sam and we had a trip to the Indoor Riding School where the horsey jumps had all been removed.  The open space was so tempting and Roc just ran and ran and ran round and round the arena having the time of his life!  Vera had been a bit off colour with a tummy bug but when she saw Roc running like a mad thing she forgot her ailments and raced after him, trying to cut him off and batter him just like she used to do with Mikey and Robbie all those years ago when she first came home after retiring from racing. Bless her, such a fiesty madam in those days and even at the ripe old age of 12 and a half she has still got it :)  And best of all was the turkey dinner! my hounds would just love to live in a carvery restaurant! Turkey with stuffing and cocktail sausages, veg and gravy.  Happy hounds!


Doggy Treat Recipe

Sardine Biscuits

1 425g tin of sardines or pilchards in tomato sauce
2 eggs
2 cups of plain or wholemeal flour (340g)

Into a large bowl place the two eggs and just the sardines or pilchards (ie no sauce - just the fish)

Mash them well with a fork - then stir the flour in. Using your hands knead it into a ball - add a bit more flour if its a bit too wet.
Roll out on a floured worktop - to about 1/2 inch thick.
Cut biscuits out using a biscuit cutter and place onto baking tray - I cover my trays with baking paper.
Cook in oven for 35 - 40 mins gas 4 or 180C electric.

Serve when cool ! 

they should keep a week in the fridge and should also turn out well if you need to use gluten free flour.

This recipe is taken from A La Bark Baking - a recipe book for fundraising by Kris Owen

Find them on Facebook


Greyhounds4me Hounds
Vera, Rocco and Sam are the Greyhounds4me Hounds.  Vera is a Duchess and recently celebrated her 12th birthday. Rocco and Sam are handsome black lads from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.


With Vera being really fussy about the food she eats, I thought it best to get the hounds a check up to see if there is anything medically wrong such as bad teeth.

Long time friend, Rachel Chadburn, who was Richard Torr's vet nurse at the Canine Injury Clinic has started her own grooming business and so we invited her over .  Sam is pictured with Rachel, having an all over body check. A thorough 'feel' all over to find any lumps, bumps, spots and niggles.  He loved it and did his little happy dance when she felt his spine.  He is quite ticklish and likes having his back rubbed.

All three hounds had their ears cleaned and a dental check up. That revealed some plaque deposits on Rocco and Vera's back teeth which may need sorting in the new year but Sam has sparkling teeth - probably due to all the chewing he does!  He loves to floss with a soft sofa cushion! Thankfully there doesn't seem to be any decaying teeth so the verdict with Vera and her eating is that she is just eccentric in her old age :)
Rachel finished off with a nail clipping session and everyone was very well behaved.  It really is a joy to have all this done in the comfort of your own home when you have hounds that dislike vet surgeries and being in close proximity to other dogs.  All in all a very pleasant experience.


Greyhounds and the Rainbow Bridge 

by Linda Weber 

There is an episode of “The Twilight Zone” called “The Hunt” set in the country where a man named Hyder Simpson and his hunting dog Rip go raccoon hunting. Both meet their final demise while chasing a raccoon into a pond.

Hyder and Rip are walking “Eternity Road” when they encounter a gatekeeper who invites him in to what they think is Heaven. The man tells Hyder Rip can’t come in so Hyder tells him that he doesn’t want to go where Rip can’t be with him.

Hyder and Rip go down the road a spell and come across another gatekeeper who beckons them in. Hyder tells the man, who turns out to be an angel, that he didn’t go into Heaven because Rip couldn’t accompany him. The angel tells him that the other place was Hell and that dogs aren’t allowed because dogs can smell brimstone and would have alerted Hyder to the presence of the Devil.

Hyder represents the universal sentiment that, given the choice, we wouldn’t want to be separated from our hound. And Rip is our faithful canine, always protecting us from danger.

At some point however, our greyhounds will go to the “Rainbow Bridge”. It is a place we imagine our animals are made whole again, free from age, infirmities or pain, running leashless in grassy fields as big as eternity. Sofas and Honky Pig toys abound and half-empty peanut butter jars are theirs for the licking.

While we think of the Rainbow Bridge as an ending, we are looking at it all wrong. We should think of it not as an ending but a beginning. Dogs are pack animals by nature and seek out companions whether furry or human. They know the importance of friendship and how fun it is to play and share with others. With the advent of the Internet and social media, people can be friends without ever meeting in person or being on the same continent. We share experiences with our greyhounds that seem to transcend borders or language barriers. There is a connection, a bond that all owners feel with their greyhounds and it transcends time, space and eternity.

When they do go over the Bridge they don’t leave us ill-equipped. They leave us in capable hands, reaching out to other like-minded individuals who understand and comfort us and let us know it will be all right. We are not alone in our grief, but as one. In our darkest hour, when our hearts are breaking and we are overcome with overpowering grief and emotion, we turn to others who can understand the depth of our anguish. How many of you have read a post about a Rainbow Hound and not shed a tear or posted compassionate words for greyhounds we have never pet and people we have never met?

The pain we feel when our greyhound travels to the Rainbow Bridge is in direct proportion to the love they gave us. We sometimes think our hearts will never heal but then the recollections of the life we created with them flashes into our memories and soon the hurt is replaced with fond remembrances.

And sometimes the legacy our hounds leave us with is the ability, when ready, to open our hearts to another greyhound. A new greyhound never replaces previous hounds, but adds to the place in our hearts we reserve just for them. While it is a fact that greyhounds have larger hearts, it is rumored that greyhound owners have some of the biggest hearts too.

We sometimes wish our hounds could live forever. Even if they lived to be 100 and we lived to 101, we would still feel that we did not have enough time with them.

It has been written that Heaven is a place where all the dogs you have loved before come to greet you. If that is so, then Eternity sounds just fine for all the catching up I have to do. And I’ll look for Hyder and Rip and tip my hat to them.


Greyhounds4me Hounds
Vera, Rocco and Sam are the Greyhounds4me Hounds.  Vera is a Duchess and recently celebrated her 12th birthday. Rocco and Sam are handsome black lads from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.


We had the opportunity to visit the Ivanhoe Equestrian Centre in Ashby de la Zouch, Leics one Sunday afternoon and had a fab time!  There is an indoor riding school which is ideal for letting the hounds off lead in a safe place.  Sam spent some time checking out the perimeter in case there was a way out to go and play in the fields with the horses! We had a game of football and the hounds did some thundering around, chasing each other.  It was a good job they were all muzzled because Vera remembered that she likes to chase the boys down and bite lumps out of their necks just for fun!  That was something we learned about the hard way when she retired all those years ago and drew blood in the back garden with Robbie and Mikey. Vera definitely lives up to her name, which means 'Warrior' !!

Anyone wanting to visit the Indoor Riding School can find details on the website
or text Emma on  07800 006250 (text only)



Download this FREE knitting pattern for cute little Teddy Bears.  Instructions for 3 sizes
Download HERE...


Danny the UK READ greyhound, Discover Dogs and Downing Street

There is something about being in the presence of a VIP. The adoring fans screaming your name, asking for a picture with you, tickling your ears. Wait, what?

In this case, VIP stands for Very Important Pooch.

It is all in a day’s work for Danny, who is part of The Kennel Club Bark & Read Foundation - Reading Education Assistance Dogs program in the United Kingdom as well as being part of the Corridor Therapy Dogs program in the United States.

Danny, who is a greyhound, usually spends his day in the company of students who love to read to him while stroking his fur or tickling his ears. The students gain confidence by reading to a nonjudgmental audience.

I spent some time with Danny and his owner Tony Nevett in London shadowing them as they went about their day.

First stop was Discover Dogs, London’s largest dog show, with nearly 200 different breeds of dogs represented. Danny settled in at The Kennel Club Bark & Read Foundation tent, along with other READ dogs for the two-day event. Later, he was off to mingle with the crowd before settling into the Media room to be interviewed by representatives from all over the world.

Before the second day of the event, we met Danny and Tony at 10 Downing Street, the official residence and the office of the British Prime Minister. Standing there, in front of one of the most famous and recognizable doors in the world, was very exciting. Of course, Danny has been there many times but he is still very reverent about the whole experience. What was really thrilling was seeing David Cameron on TV, coming out of that very door mere hours later to receive the Premiere of China, Li Keqiang.

After Discover Dogs ended, Danny and Tony boarded the train for the hour trip home, ready to rest up for Danny’s trip to work with schoolchildren the next day. No days off for the distinguished duo.

My heartfelt thanks to the following: Mr. Tony Nevett, one of the busiest people I know, who took time out of his busy days to ensure we had access to Danny and made our time at Discover Dogs run smoothly. Our visit to 10 Downing Street was a rare opportunity and memory that my husband and I will not soon forget; Heidi Hudson of The Kennel Club who gave up some of her precious time during Discover Dogs to visit with us.

Linda Weber writes for the LA Greyhound Examiner


Big congratulations to Sharon and Tim Ford......

Hi Val, 

In August we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary by renewing our vows and we had some very special bridesmaids and pageboys......

Kind regards

Sharon Ford


Two greyhounds and a student therapist

My name is Hilary Sweeney, owner of two greyhounds, Anya and Gem, and a student of Canine Bowen Therapy.

My husband and I adopted Anya from the R.G.O.A. three years ago; she’s a beautiful blue girl and expects to be treated like a princess. Six months after Anya’s arrival we decided she needed some company so Gem became part of the family as well.

Anya is an ex racer, now 7 years old, confident, enjoys meeting dogs and people and responds to recall, unless there’s a squirrel, rabbit or cat nearby! Gem was injured in training and has never raced. When she joined us, at 18 months old, she was nervous, terrified of men and sudden noises. Move on six months, and she’s still a bit nervous about new situations but when off the lead she loves adventures, charging off into the distance, sometimes through wooded areas, and just when I think I’ve lost her, she comes charging back at top speed. After these long runs she would limp as she walked back to the car and in the evenings would be stiff when getting up from her bed, not good for a dog who was only 3 years old. I then read an article by Pennie Clayton that included some information on Canine Bowen Therapy. This gentle holistic treatment fascinated me and seemed ideal for these graceful hounds. After reading more about it on the School of Canine Bowen Therapy site I decided to train as a therapist. In next month’s article I tell you how I get on with the training.


Dog Treat Recipe

Peanut Butter & Flax Seed Cookies

  • 1 cup whole wheat flour (can be substituted with rice or coconut flour for a grain free option)
  • ½ banana, mashed
  • ⅓ cup peanut butter 
  • 2 Tbsp ground flax seed
  • ¼ cup almond milk (unsweetened)

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, 180 degrees C, Gas mark 4.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a medium mixing bowl.
  3. Mix ingredients together thoroughly using a spatula until well combined.
  4. Roll out mixture on a floured surface to approximately ¼". Cut into desired shapes. Repeat with remaining dough.
  5. Place on a nonstick baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes.

*This yielded 24, 2-inch dog treats for me.
*Store in a airtight container.


Greyhounds4me Hounds
Vera, Rocco and Sam are the Greyhounds4me Hounds.  Vera is a Duchess and recently celebrated her 12th birthday. Rocco and Sam are handsome black lads from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.

September- So the days are getting shorter and getting up at 6am to walk the hounds before work is no longer an option.  We have to drive 4 miles to the industrial estate to be away from other dogs, for Roc's peace of mind and I don't do demisting and night driving!  

So the 'winter' schedule has been introduced, meaning a lie in until 7am and a walk at lunch time instead, when the streets are aired.

Clearly, Roc has other ideas as, so far, he has beaten the 7 o'clock alarm and got me out of bed at 6am with his rendition of the alarm tune.  Thanks Roc-a-doodle!


Charity News

Danny the READ Greyhound will be appearing at Discover Dogs in London.

London's Biggest Dog EventNow at ExCeL London
17-18 October 2015

Meet hundreds of dogs, chat to owners, great shopping and watch world-class displays in competitions.  A great day out for the whole family – and under 12s go FREE!

Come along and have your photo taken with Danny!

Danny is World Famous!

With a feature  in Singapores pet magazine

and  in the Calcutta magazine

and in Sighthound Magazine

and meeting Royalty!  Pictured with Prince Richard of Gloucester.  What a star!

For more information about Danny and his work with schoolchildren visit


Guerilla knitting in Leicester 'to reduce crime fear'

Hundreds of pom-poms and knitted items have been strung from trees and lampposts to help reduce the fear of crime in an area of Leicester.

Leicestershire Police hope the "guerilla knitting" or "yarn bombing" will encourage more people to use Bede Park and Great Central Way.

Some of the park's users told BBC Radio Leicester the items - including tree warmers - do not make them feel safer.

But criminologist Charlotte Bilby said they could have a positive effect.

'Something silly'

Ms Bilby, a senior lecturer in criminology at Northumbria University, said: "I think that making an area look cosier certainly makes an area feel safer.

More of the story here


Nottingham's first playground for dogs to open


Dogs been given their own playground at one of Nottinghamshire's biggest parks.

Organisers at Rushcliffe Country Park and its friends group have raised £3,000 to put in tunnels, ramps, slaloms and tyres – similar to those used in dog agility training – to put pets through their paces.

The playground has been named Copper's Dog Activity in honour of park ranger Zoe Fordham's late Norfolk terrier.

She said: "Over the years we've had more and more dog walkers – it's a lovely place to bring their dogs and they are an important part of the park.

"We have things like the playground for the children and it's nice to be able to reward the dog owners and create something which is fun for them. We couldn't have done it without massive support from the volunteers and others."

The course was paid for entirely from fundraising efforts such as cake sales, while businesses offered certain items for it at discount to help make the project become a reality.

It is located at the top left of the memorial field around the back of the park.

Volunteers and members of the Friends of Rushcliffe Country Park, alongside the Borough Council, clubbed together to get the cash.

Roger Byrne, a member of the Friends group, helped with the planning and design of the activities.

He said: "Dog walkers are a very, very significant part of our audience; I think that maybe as many as a third of all our visitors are dog walkers.

"It was mutually agreed that it would be beneficial for dog walkers to have a place where they go and enjoy the park, and improve the wellbeing of their animals."

Sue Underwood, 57, of Dovedale Road, West Bridgford, brought along her Shitzus Arthur, Hatty, and Tilly to the activity trail ahead of the official opening next Friday.

She said: "Mine are quite elderly but there's still a lot they love; it's open to all kinds of dogs, there's a lot for them to enjoy."


Greyhounds4me Hounds
Vera, Rocco and Sam are the Greyhounds4me Hounds.  Vera is a Duchess and recently celebrated her 12th birthday. Rocco and Sam are handsome black lads from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.

August - Sam and I had the honour of being asked to homecheck a lovely couple in a nearby village for Bark Inn Kennels.  They wanted to adopt two hounds from the kennels and we were invited along to their home to check out all of the important details.  The garden is lovely. Secure fencing and nicely planted with flowers, lawn and gravel paths.  The people are experienced Greyhound owners and know all about the breed and their foibles!  Sam checked out the sofa for a bit of sunbathing and gave the home and the couple his seal of approval.  In fact, he wanted to stay for tea!  So this week will see two more of Bark Inn's hounds going off to a loving forever home. Fab news!
For more details of Bark Inn and their great work visit



Great fun was had by all at the Great Greyhound Gathering at Nottingham Racecourse on Saturday 19th September.

Greyhounds4me had a stall and we had loads of fun with Hot Dog Bobbing with loads of Greyhounds and even some other breeds taking part in bobbing for hot dogs.  Some really great performances were witnessed with the Podencos and Galgos showing the others how it is done!

We can highly recommend Hot Dog Bobbing as a fundraiser and a great way to get the hounds involved in the proceedings.  During our research for the big day we trialled 4 different types of hot dogs; tinned, packet and jars, and the only ones that floated were the Wikinger Bockwurst style sausages that are available from Iceland and ASDA and also from Makro wholesalers.


A selection of photos from the day showing the ideal hot dogs to use to get them to float. 

Some great bobbing techniques here!


A short video of some bobbing


Ned’s daily (well almost) diary

Hello all my name is Ned, AKA Galtie Ned, I have been in my forever home now since May 2012 and I think I have me Mummy and Daddy well trained now. . . .

Last nite I woz scared out me wits and did try to wake mes Daddy up to tells him, he did shouts at me and dis did wakes me Mummy up.

I did trys to tell them I heard a big bang but they thoughts I wanted a wee so let me into the garden, thats when a big bang did happen again and a big flash to I did turn and runs straight back indoors.
Mummy said its alright Neddy its just a thunder storm and puts me thunder shirt on, she tried to give me some of me magic calming tablets but I woz so scared I would not even look at me normal yummy ham.
So Mummy and Daddy had a cup of tea and played some games on their kindles while I lay and shook and panted and woz all upset when it went all quiet we went back to bed.
I duz not like thunder storms at all :(

Later dudes
Neddy boy aged 6
x x x x


Two greyhounds and a student therapist

My name is Hilary Sweeney, owner of two greyhounds, Anya and Gem, and a student of Canine Bowen Therapy.

Last month I started to tell you about an article by Pennie Clayton that included some information on Canine Bowen Therapy, which prompted me to ask about training so that I could use it treat my two greyhounds, Anya and Gem.


As Canine Bowen is based on moves and techniques of Bowen for people, I was told that two modules of that course had to be completed before I could start with dogs. Bowen Technique is a gentle, non-intrusive pain relief therapy, named after its originator, Tom Bowen, an Australian who discovered this gentle, rolling movement with pauses was able to bring extraordinary results.


In March my training started and after initial scepticism, I was amazed at the results reported to me by my volunteers. Aching hips, poor sleep patterns caused by stress, through to tight hamstrings, all were showing positive reactions. The more I learnt about Bowen, the more I wanted to start working with dogs and decided to start the Canine course before completing all five modules of the human work. There are moments when I think, I may have taken on too much, but two weeks ago I knew I’d made the right decision.


While walking Anya and Gem, I met a rescued German Shepherd and owner, both suffering from the effects of stress. After a brief chat, the owner agreed to let me treat both of them.


On the first appointment I was greeted enthusiastically by this beautiful dog, by using an effective technique that Pennie had demonstrated on our last course, she calmed down.


My training has taught me to take things slowly and observe the dog’s behaviour, watching for any signs of distress or panic. This particular dog was very jumpy, barking and running into the garden at the slightest of movements or noise.


As I was going to treat both owner and dog, I decided to start with the owner. Having witnessed the effects of Bowen transferring from dogs receiving treatments to hounds who were watching, it was interesting to see it transfer from owner to dog. As the owner relaxed, with her breathing becoming slower and deeper, the same happened with her pet and by the time I had finished, the dog was lying on her side, resting. She allowed me to stroke her head and she rolled onto her back so that I could rub her tummy, a much calmer dog and a happier owner. I plan to start using Bowen on both of them for the next appointment.


Next month I’m working with three greyhounds, watch this space for the results.


Home Made Doggy Treat Recipe

Peanut Biscuits

250g (9 oz) wholemeal flour

1 tablespoon baking powder

275g (10 oz) unsalted natural peanut butter

225ml (8 fl oz) skimmed milk

Preheat the oven to 375F / 190 C / Gas mark 5.

Grease baking trays.

Stir together the flour and baking powder; set aside.

In a medium bowl, mix together the peanut butter and milk.

Stir in the flour mixture until well blended.

Turn out dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth.

Roll out to 1cm thickness and cut into shapes using biscuit cutters.

Place 2cm apart onto the prepared baking trays.


Bake for 20 minutes in the preheated oven, or until lightly brown. Remove from baking trays to cool on wire racks.


Take from


Greyhounds4me Hounds

Vera, Rocco and Sam are the Greyhounds4me Hounds.  Vera is a Duchess and recently celebrated her 12th birthday. Rocco and Sam are handsome black lads from Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust

Saturday July 18th
-  Celebrations for Vera's 12th birthday began with the Duchess having breakfast in bed.  Juicy home made liver cake with all the trimmings - pilchards, gravy bones and ham!  Vera had a lovely new collar from her human sister, Fel of pinkfluffykitty. Everyone had new toys with squeakers inside, which Sam managed to de-squeak and de-stuff in no time.  A lovely afternoon walk followed and then a well-earned snooze til tea time when a lovely chicken and sausage casserole was served up with a side order of pasta. Greyhound Heaven!

Some photos......
Dog Grooming & Pet Sitting in Leicestershire

Anyone who visited Richard Torr's Canine Injury Clinic will have met Rachel, who has been Richard's assistant for some time.  As Richard is now closing his Clinic, Rachel has started up a Mobile Grooming and Pet Sitting Service in the area.

"I can provide a pet sitting service in the privacy of your own home where I can look after your animals whilst you are away. With my experience your animals would be health checked every day, and any medication needed administered appropriately. My qualifications also include animal first aid, giving you that extra peace of mind.


I also offer a mobile grooming service. I have gained my experience over the years from working in veterinary practices and as a mobile dog groomer. So be assured your pet is in safe hands."

For more details go to the website



A Very Productive Volunteer Visit

In May, 5 Greyhound Compassion ( volunteers went to the Scooby shelter in Medina del Campo to volunteer.  We joined the small Scooby team along with fellow volunteers from Holland and the USA.  

As usual we were overwhelmed by the scale of the rescue and numerous galgos and galgo mix puppies in the shelter.  One poor puppy, Lulu, rescued from the streets had survived against all odds while her siblings had unfortunately passed away.  We were shocked to come across two galgos who had been stolen from their galguero owners, had their respective microchips gouged from their necks and, once past their usefulness for hare coursing, were subsequently abandoned and thankfully rescued by the Scooby team.  There was the gentle female galgo who was underweight and would only accept her food by hand, yet knew exactly her own mind and had her carers under control!  She is gaining weight and making good progress.

So there is no shortage of demand for the ambulance Greyhound Compassion was able to donate a month or so ago thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We were really pleased to see the vehicle parked up at the shelter.  One of our jobs was to clean it from top to bottom and inside out.  The team photo shows the volunteers with the two Spanish vets taking care of a black female galgo rescued the day before from the pound. We now need to stock the ambulance with suture material.  Each pack of suture material is €18 and there are normally hundreds of galgos to neuter each year.  Our next steps are to try to raise funds towards these high costs for Scooby.

Our usual kennel cleaning jobs extended to a spring clean and redecoration of the corridor in the main shelter building and quarantine.   Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to buy enough blue paint to cover 14 doors and the big double door into the quarantine kennels. What a coincidence to learn that this month’s copy of “Homes & Gardens” revealed that blue is very much in vogue.  We always knew that Scooby was a trendsetter in more ways than one!

Scooby volunteer visit


Travelling with Linda Weber

Val - I just had to share this with you. I saw a lady on the cruise who was knitting a doll and asked her how long it would take to make a Danny knit. I printed out the pattern for her and she made me a knit Danny in about a day.

So striped Danny was born in Moorea and adopted by me in the Pacific. He is the talk of the ship! The lady who made it is named Sue and she is from the UK. My husband and I are of the few Americans on the ship. It is filled with Australians going back to Australia.

I finally got my knit Danny! and what a good time striped Danny is having in the islands of Moorea, Fiji and a few more.
Linda :)


2015 Greyhound Picnic in the Park
by Linda Weber

What do you get when you mix great weather, fun, games, Greyhounds and humans? The answer is the Picnic at Hacienda Park. This year it was held on June 13th in La Habra Heights.

The annual picnic is an event to raise money that goes directly to support ex-racing Greyhound adoption and is always a not-to-be-missed event for both humans and hounds alike.

Vendors were there to support the event and to provide picnic-goers with a chance to add to their hound-related items. It is wonderful to see the support and commitment of the vendors each year and their time and dedication is much appreciated.

In addition to the vendors, there was a silent auction with many splendid greyhound items and a raffle. All items are graciously donated for both the auction and raffle.

The picnic kicked off with the Blessing of the Hounds. It opened with a remembrance of dogs past and then at least 20 hounds on site were blessed.

Dog tails and bodies were measured for the Longest Tail and Tallest Dog competitions. Musical Chairs provided some humor as the dogs had their own theory on how the game should be played.

The Hot Dog contest separated the timorous from the brave as the hounds had to dunk their heads in the water and gobble as many hot dog sections in the timed event. Some were a little reticent while others rose to the challenge and kept going even after time was called.

The Look-Alike contest is always fascinating and it is always a treat to see a beautiful dog multiplied once or twice. The Oldest Dog contest was won by a lovely lady senior at 13 years old.

The fan favorite is always the Costume Contest. The judges were in an unenviable position of picking the winner because the costumes are always so inventive. Greyhounds outfitted like ex-racers, bathing beauties and a construction worker strutted their stuff among other entrants.

The dog winners came away from the games with a new squeak toy and their owners enjoyed bragging rights for the endurance of the picnic.

Attendees bring food and there is always an abundance of tasty homemade goodies to delight any two-footed attendee.

The La Habra Heights Fire Department always stops by to ensure everything is going smoothly and to provide the motivation for the “Roo Fest”. The firemen start up the siren slowly and the majority of the dogs join in. As the tone gets higher, more dogs start rooing. It is fun to watch the hounds rooing in unison.

13 was a lucky number as this was the number of Greyhounds adopted on-site at the picnic.

The event is not just for Greyhound owners but also for people who are considering adopting an ex-racing Greyhound. My husband and I talked to at least 3 pre-screened individuals who were there to find a match for their family. One lady brought her Italian Greyhound and was looking for a Greyhound that would be compatible with her dog. She was walking a Greyhound with her Italian Greyhound and it looked like a perfect match. Another man was looking for a companion for his Greyhound because he had just lost his other Greyhound. And a man brought his young children in the hopes of finding just the right kid and cat-friendly dog to join their household.

If you are interested in learning more about ex-racing Greyhounds and interacting with them, contact your local Greyhound adoption agency. They are more than willing to invite you to events like picnics and meet-and-greets where you can see Greyhounds up close and ask questions.

Reviewer adopted her ex-racing Greyhound from

Read more of Linda's articles at The Examiner


And Sam Makes Three

We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. So follow the adventures of the Greyhounds4me hounds as I keep you updated every 2 weeks.

Sunday 14th June - Sam was overjoyed to receive a new bally!  He adores footballs and when the neighbour kids kick their football over the fence into our garden he grabs it and takes it to his bed to try to burst it.  Luckily I can usually rescue it before any damage is done, with only one dead football so far.  But this giant tennis ball is for Sam to play with and so far it remains unburst!

Later that evening Sam made up a new game, Under the Table Treasure Hunt. 

While we were eating our tea at the folding dining table, Sam was clambering about underneath it, looking for leftovers that may have been dropped on the floor!

He had to be rescued when he got stuck.

He is a puppy for life!


Charity News

Tia Rescue Open Day

Dog Show and Family Fun Day Out

Date for your Diary!

Sunday 30th August 2015

Tia have recently moved to their new bigger premises in Doncaster to allow them to take in and rescue more Greyhounds & Lurchers.

We need your help please!  

We are looking for donations of Raffle Prizes for Tia’s annual event.

Have you got any time and willing to knit something for us to donate as a prize?

Please contact Katrina on [email protected]

[email protected]*********************************

Ned’s daily (well almost) diary

Hello all my name is Ned, AKA Galtie Ned, I have been in my forever home now since May 2012 and I think I have me Mummy and Daddy well trained now. . . .

Hello me friends, well I has had a luvly burfday the sun has shone and I has been spoilt wiv lots of treats, Mummy sez I has enuf toys so no new ones but she did buy me a big piggies snout

Me morning walks woz fun I did sit patiently at the gate for me treat;
Then we did goes down the Prom and looks for bunny and squirells, I duz love looking for bunnies and squirells

After that I did have a snooze, its hard work being six years old you knows
Later dudes
Neddy boy aged 6
x x x x x





Sunday 21st June

Record Numbers of Walks Scheduled

There are just 5 days to go before The Great British Greyhound Walk takes place not just in East Anglia, where it originated, but all over the world.   From one walk with 6 people at a country park in Braintree, Essex, this event has become arguably the biggest event in the Greyhound calendar.

This is an amazing event which celebrates retired greyhounds and promotes them as wonderful family pets as well as socialising them after a racing life in kennels.

There are 95 walks in the UK and 35 scheduled across the globe to which greyhounds, lurchers and all sighthound are invited.  The walks are free to attend, although some organisers may have a collection bucket for a local charity, and take in some stunning places.   Some of the locations already booked in are the Philippines, New Zealand, America, France, Italy, Spain, Australia as well numerous places in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

If you would like to join our greyhound family, more information about the walks in your area are on: or on Facebook and Twitter.



For more information about this press release, please contact:

Eve Regelous, Press Officer

Phone:  07947 796783

Email:  [email protected]



Featured photograph - Sams Six courtesy of Sam Morris.


Ned’s daily (well almost) diary

Hello all my name is Ned, AKA Galtie Ned, I have been in my forever home now since May 2012 and I think I have me Mummy and Daddy well trained now. . . .

I haz not done to much this week, just lots of walks squirrel spotting but on Sunday we went up the cemetary to put flowers on me human Nanny and Grandads grave. Now  I knows as soon as I get in the grounds there are rabbits to be had so I am on the alert straight away!


Later dudes
Neddy boy


New Website for Yellow Dog!

We are delighted to announce that after many issues, and lots of work, our new website is now live! We are very proud of the site and we have included some great features for you and hope that this helps to continue to promote our campaign! Some of the new areas include:
  • Success Stories
  • How You Can Help
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easier to Navigate
  • And Much More!
Please go and have a look and let us know your feedback! We are always grateful for recommendations and we welcome your ideas!


Greyhound Data, the largest database of Greyhound pedigree information, said a big Thank You to  Greyhound rescue and rehoming centres in this video.  Click on the link below to watch


Adopting a splendid senior Greyhound

Linda Weber

LA Greyhound Examiner


Dugan, Ruby and Chandler

Photo courtesy of John and Patsi Conry, used with kind permission

What do wine, cheese, friendships and greyhounds all have in common? They get better as they age!

Senior greyhounds are the hidden secret in adopting an ex-racing greyhound. Just like people, they may have a little grey around their muzzle but that is what gives them character. I have coined this look as having a “wisdom face.” Greyhound adoption agencies have different definitions of what age constitutes a senior, but many consider seven as starting to enter the senior domain.

For some people, the thought of having to go through the process of training a dog may deter them from adopting. With a senior greyhound, they have been housebroken and trained in the basics so they are just looking for a comfy couch that they can call their own.

With the senior greyhound, they have developed and settled into their personality so they tend to be a little more mellow and

relaxed. And perhaps a little slower too, so a thought to their comfort is of the utmost importance. Having to navigate stairs or jumping into a high car might not be the best match for these gentle souls. A bed that cradles these dogs is what they dream about.

Because they move a little slower than their younger counterparts, they make good companions for human seniors as they have sowed their wild oats when they were younger and now just want to relax and enjoy their retirement. They appreciate the slower pace of life and don’t mind stopping to smell the flowers now and then on a walk. And like human seniors, they may have a few aches and pains or medical issues that would need management.

These silver seniors value graduating to retirement since they have experienced life and now just want to cuddle and give love. You only have to look into their eyes and see the appreciation they have for a secure future. This is not to say they don’t appreciate learning something new or having fun. They can be just as surprising as any other greyhound with their moves or play.

If you can appreciate something that has aged to perfection, then a senior greyhound may just be what you are looking for.

Adopt a senior and they will love you for the rest of their lives. We could only hope that for ourselves.


Knitters Wanted! An urgent call to help dementia patients

A new scheme to help patients with dementia has put out an urgent call for knitters!

The project, which was launched at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH), aims to supply creations called sensory bands which are knitted bands with trimmings on both the outside and inside of ribbons, beads, buttons and zips, to patients in the later stages of dementia.
Sensory bands are used to promote stimulation and a sense of wellbeing and have proven useful for patients living with severe dementia.
Integrated Dementia Services Project Manager, Liz Yaxley, explained: “The sensory band was designed to help people find comfort in tactile stimulation which they may be missing, especially when they are away from home. The bands can be reassuring and help people to feel more relaxed and safe.
“The soft material bands contain strands of textured ribbons, beads and various fabrics attached both inside and outside which are lovely to touch. They can be costly if ordered from the internet so we are hoping that volunteers will come forward to put their knitting skills to good use.”
“Approximately a quarter of our patients at any one time will have a form of dementia or confusion and the number is growing so we want to make our hospitals, services and environments as friendly for people with dementia as possible.”
“To coincide with our #iCare campaign we also ask any of our knitters to take a photo of themselves making the sensory bands and send it to us on twitter using the hashtag and twitter handle @nnuh to help show the variety of ways we can help patients with dementia.”
To become a sensory band knitter please email [email protected]

[email protected]***************************

Home Made Doggy Treat Recipe

Chicken and Wild Rice Treats

1 cup wild rice, mashed

1 cup chicken, diced fine or shredded

3 Tablespoons rice flour

1 Tablespoon fresh parsley, diced

1 egg, beaten


  1. Preheat oven to 350 deg F, 180 deg C, Gas mark 4
  2. Combine all ingredients in a medium mixing bowl and stir until well incorporated.
  3. Using a spoon, press mixture into each cavity, packing tight and filling nearly to the top.
  4. Bake for 25 minutes or until top begins to turn golden brown.
  5. Let cool completely before serving.


And Sam Makes Three


We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. So follow the adventures of the Greyhounds4me hounds as I keep you updated every 2 weeks.

Muzzles - Better Safe Than Sorry?

When I first homed Greyhounds I believed it was unfair to put muzzles on them when they were playing in the garden or on walks.  A crazy, human idea!  I was given a muzzle by one of the rescues I had my dogs from but never used it except when cat testing a foster dog with one of my daughter's cats.  Sometimes we would walk along the High Street on a Saturday morning and Vera would snaffle discarded kebabs from off the floor!  That was a wrestling match, I can tell you! trying to get a disgusting piece of rubbish out of the jaws of a feisty Greyhound with teeth like a Great White! but still I would not consider the muzzle.

And then, one day, not long after Vera had been retired and moved in with my 4 older boys, a chain of events began that changed the way I looked at muzzles.  Vera had always been a Tom Boy, even in the kennels she would boss the boys about and tell everyone off when we saw her on our visits to the kennel's gallop.  I thought the hounds would all play nicely in the garden when Vera came home for her retirement.  Not so!  The boys had happily chased up and down the garden and not gone in for rough play but when Vera was introduced to the mix, things got a bit heated.  She had a favourite game that involved chasing the boys, overtaking them and then leading them in a race up and down the garden. Then, when they were in the swing of it, she would stop abruptly, turn and slam one of them into the wall, grabbing their neck.  She was just playing and clearly had played this game with other hounds but, because Greyhounds are muzzled when they run at the track, they get to know that it is 'safe'.  It's a bit like kids playing ice hockey, they have to wear face cages for protection from flailing sticks and badly aimed pucks and, consequently, they do not learn to control their sticks and pucks in a timely fashion.

So, my unfettered retirees were charging round the garden having a great time. Until Vera's teeth managed to rip open two necks!  The wounds were just skin tears from contact with sharp teeth but were big enough to need stitching at the vets. After that I bought some muzzles and the hounds wore them in the garden when running around in the daytime.  I still hadn't grasped how much damage they can do with their teeth, even if they are not trying to maim or kill, until one night when they turned out for bedtime wees - unmuzzled.

All 5 hounds dashed up the garden and went off to sniff round and relieve themselves.  There was a bit of interested shuffling in the bushes and Mikey had spotted a rodent.  Mikey had a very high prey drive and would chase anything that came into the garden.  Just upon it, Robbie was sauntering back down the garden after finishing his toilet in the shadows and Mikey seemed to think he was competing for his mouse supper. A split second later the pair of them were rolling across the garden growling and mouthing each other. I yelled at them and they separated.  In the light of the kitchen it became apparent that in that short few seconds, teeth had met skin and Robbie had several injuries.  He seemed unconcerned.  Presumably the adrenaline rush from the tussle killed any pain but he clearly needed medical attention and off we went to the Emergency Vet.  The next day I was able to collect Robbie and was totally unprepared for the sight that greeted me!  The wound sites had been shaved and stitched and he had a drain in the wound on his side.  100 stitches in total and a bill of £500.

The most amazing thing was, when we got home, Robbie lay down in his favourite spot by the office door and Mikey went over to lie next to him. They looked at each other as if to say 'What the heck was all that about?' and both lay waiting for their dinner! You just have to love how animals don't hold a grudge!

From then on I have been extremely careful about muzzling my hounds if there is the least chance that they might get boisterous when playing.  Most definitely 'Better Safe Than Sorry' for me!

Robbie and Mikey, friends forever


Homemade Doggy Treat Recipe

Cheddar and Blueberry Biscuits

1½ cups all-purpose flour

1 cup bread flour

½ cup blueberries, fresh

1 cup Cheddar cheese, shredded

1 egg

2 tbsp oil

½ cup water


Preheat oven to 350ºF, 180ºC, Gas mark 4.

Combine flour, blueberries and cheddar cheese in a large bowl and mix well

Add egg and oil to flour mixture and mix until egg is completely incorporated

Add water to dough and mix until dough starts to come together (if you find the dough needs is too dry, add another couple tablespoons at a time until dough forms — you don’t want dough to be too sticky)

Once dough is formed, place on a well floured surface and form into a ball

Roll out dough to a ¼-inch thickness

Using a dog-bone cookie cutter, cut out biscuits and place onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper

Re-roll scraps of dough to cut out more biscuits, you’ll yield about a dozen if you’re using a larger cookie cutter

Bake biscuits 25-30 minute until nicely browned

Remove from oven and allow to cool, store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks


And Sam Makes Three


We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. 

One of the favourite pastimes for the Hooligoons is playing the Find the Gravy Bone Game.  The first one is easy as only one hand smells of gravy but then it gets progressively harder as the biscuits get passed from one hand to the other!


Ned’s daily (well almost) diary

Hello all my name is Ned, AKA Galtie Ned, I have been in my forever home now since May 2012 and I think I have me Mummy and Daddy well trained now. . . .

I has had a busy week, on Munday when we went out for our walk it woz a luvly sunny day so Mummy thort to try to get some photos of me;

Wot she did not  see woz the two squirrels in the tree right above me hed but I did sees them and did do me bestest woof woof woofity


On Tuesday me Dad did see if his hat did fit on me hed, wot duz you fink?


On Fursday it woz very foggy and I could not see where I woz walking


Today on our afternoon walk we did meet up with a lady and her two little boys, the eldest one said hello to meself and I woz very well behaved and gentle Mummy woz so pleased with me and did tell me so.
Hope you are all well?
Later dudes
Neddy boy
x x x


And Sam Makes Three


We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. So follow the adventures of the Greyhounds4me hounds as I keep you updated every 2 weeks.

Apr 5th - Last night Vera gave me a right fright. She came dashing in from the dining room and staggered around the room. Not sure if she had a nightmare or a noise startled her from her sleep but she was really disorientated. She leaned on me for a bit while I gave her a shoulder massage then she managed to get onto the sofa right by me for cuddles. After a bit more sleep she was fine but it was really scary at the time.

Apr 6th - Roc and Vera sharing the sofabed this morning but I think it is more a case of 'I got here first so YOU move!' rather than being happy about the close proximity.

Apr 10th -  We went over to Bark Inn kennels in Aldridge today and the Hooligoons had some time in the gallop before settling down for a couple of night's stay.

I am off to the Aloe Vera conference at the NEC. Looking forward to chatting to the Forever vet, David Urch, who is the leading authority on Aloe and pets.

I would love to have access to a gallop like this nearer to home, then the houndies could have a lot more fun.

Apr 11th
- and here I am bending the ear of David Urch in a break at the Aloe Vera conference.  He knows a lot of Greyhound people in Ireland so we had a fab chat about hounds!  He confirmed that the Arctic Sea capsules and the Forever Freedom drinking gel are great for Greyhounds who have joint problems and stiffness due to historical injuries and old age.
See the Hound Health page for details of the products


And Sam Makes Three


We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. So follow the adventures of the Greyhounds4me hounds as I keep you updated every 2 weeks.

Mar 27th
- Guess who stole the empty Bonio box, took it to his bed and then came wandering into the lounge with it stuck on his head?
Yes, that would be Sam He said 'never mind taking photos, get this box off my head!'

Mar 30th - On our walk today the hounds were scoring points off each other and Rocco won with a massive jackpot after scoring a direct hit on Vera's head and neck!

She got a shampoo and set when we got home

Do your hounds play the pee and poo on the head game?  I remember Reggie was a dab hand at it and would get Vera interested in a particular bush by sniffing at it in a frenzied way.  When she bent down to stuff her head into the bush, he would cock his leg on her!  You have to be extra vigilant with hounds that like this game!

And the winner of Wednesday's Bizarre Sleeping Position is ......

Sam in his Superman pose!


Charity News

Greyhounds in Gettysburg

Last weekend saw the largest greyhound reunion in the USA hosted by Nittany Greyhounds.   In 2014, more than 950 people pre-registered, and at least 1,000 of you came to socialize with other greyhound lovers from all around the country!

About Nittany Greyhounds

Nittany Greyhounds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Located in State College, PA. Nittany Greyhounds has been re-homing retired racing greyhounds since being founded in 1997. To date, we have placed more than 1,400 hounds in forever homes. For more information about Nittany, visit our web page at, or our Facebook page

Please feel free to share your photos with us if you attended the event

[email protected]

Sign up for the GIG newsletter for next year's event


Charity News
Greyhound Crossroads
Date of Origin: December, 1997 (by Kim and Robert Owens)
Locations Covered:  the state of South Carolina and bordering areas of Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina
Origin of dogs:  Florida and Alabama
Greyhound Crossroads believes in helping every greyhound in need.  We place AKC show greyhounds as well as retired racers and greyhounds that have never raced.
Our annual fundraising event is called Beach Bound Hounds.  It is held on the last weekend of September in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (September 24 – 27, 2015).  This year’s theme is “Ancient Hounds”.  We will travel back through time to the very origins of our breed. We'll visit the lost worlds of old Egypt, Greece, and Rome! Our Pharaoh and his Queen will reign for the week, and costumes could be anything from Greek Gods to a nice classy Roman toga.


The Hound Project:  On October 22, 2014, Kim Owens announced the Hound Project fundraiser as a project for the 2015 Beach Bound Hounds event.  Here’s what Kim said:
“One DOES make a difference! I'm sending out a challenge to all of our crafters out there-- you knitters, those that love to crochet, make stuffed toys, or felt artists. Or if you don't, do you know someone who DOES? We want to get everyone involved in a project to create our own greyhound pack for the auctions next year. Make one stuffed greyhound-- any size, any style, any color, literally any stuffed Houndie you want donate. Give it to us ahead of time or bring it along. Every dog will be given a tag with the name you are giving it and the creator's name. We'll end up with a glorious pack of dogs! And yes, donating or finding us even one WILL make a difference!
Colleen McGraw is my partner in crime on this project. Please let us know if you can participate in some way. She'll help you find knit or crochet patterns if you need them and coordinate as we get closer to September. If you're not crafty please share this post or ask a friend who is. Let's set a record for how many adorable stuffed greyhounds we can assemble in our pack!”

{Note:  As of latest count, our crafters have pledged around 40 houndies.  With the help of Valerie Charman and her wonderful patterns we are going to have a GREYT pack of hounds.}
Find out more at the Facebook group

Anyone wishing to help with the project and knit hounds to donate, Greyhounds4me are offering the Greyhound Superheroes knitting pattern FREE of charge so that you can make some fabulous Danger Dog and Blunder Puppies for the festivities.  Download the pattern HERE......


Star Dog Treats


Mix One cup whole wheat flour

One mashed and ripe banana

A drizzle of Honey

1/2 Cup of Peanut Butter


Bind with water or egg until biscuit dough forms. Add some flour, roll out, cut and bake at 375 degrees F, 190 degrees C, Gas mark 5 for 20 mins or until brown.


Ned’s daily (well almost) diary

Hello all my name is Ned, AKA Galtie Ned, I have been in my forever home now since May 2012 and I think I have me Mummy and Daddy well trained now. . . .

Today I am not a happy boy it all started out so well, I had just finished saying hello to a lovely little girl whose Mummy had been a border collie and whose daddy had been a sausage dog she looked like the sausage dog but with the collie coat and woz lovely; when me mate Dougie and his Mummy came along I duz like Dougies Mum she has treats in her pocket.  Today she had a man with her who had a big boxer dog with him, he did sniffs me bottom and after I did finish eating me liver cake treat  I did sniff his bottom. Well that woz when all hell did break lose. He turned round and snapped and snarled at me  I yelled back at him and me Mummy pulled me away and his Dad pulled him away and did tell him soundly off and ask if I woz okay?
I woz really shook up and stressed so Mummy did take me for a calming walk and took some photos of me to soothe us both then we went home and I did have me breakfast, I have spent the day snoozing on Mummys bed.
Neddy boy
x x x x


A walk in the park with Foxy

Linda Weber


To me, a walk in the park is a chance to exercise my Greyhound Foxy and to sneak in a little exercise myself under the guise of a stroll. But apparently to Foxy, it is quite the social and discovery hour.

I swear the dog has a watch somewhere. Precisely at 8:00a.m. , Foxy nudges my elbow while I am on the computer checking my e-mail. The nudge begets a lick or two, and then the more urgent nose nudging starts again until I realize what time it is. She hops up and down like a kangaroo until I get her leash on. Then the adventure begins.

First we meet up with Duke and Reagan, as in John Wayne and Ronald Reagan, two golden retrievers. Not sure if they talk politics or old movies but there is some serious tail wagging and sniffing. The day has officially started after meeting these two

Next comes Tobi-Wan, as in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Tobi is a 1-year-old boxer that has so much energy it seems like he drinks Red Bull instead of water. The Force is definitely strong in this one. He jumps around, spins, bows and takes off like a rocket, until he reaches the end of his leash. Foxy just stands there patiently watching the show and wondering why any dog would want to expend that much energy on anything that doesn’t involve a toy or food. After inquiring after Tobi, we look for the kitties.

Foxy is most intrigued by the cats that have made certain areas in the park their own. They all belong to someone in the neighborhood because they have collars and are well-fed, but apparently they like to live dangerously in the park with the occasional coyote. Foxy just halts when she spies one from what appears to me to be about a half-mile away and then slowly creeps up on it. Like the cat doesn’t see this huge hulk of a dog and a human looming large on them. She treads lightly until they are almost nose to nose to each other. After standing like a statue to view them, Foxy will suddenly lose interest and want to continue the walk. She is fascinated by the small furry creatures but has no prey drive as evidenced when some of them have taken off like a shot. She looks for them in their usual spots every day and will scan the area if they are not there, looking for them in the bushes or on the other side of the fence. When the cats sit on the fence, that really throws her for a loop and she misses them completely as she doesn’t look up there for them.

There are more furry encounters as we make our way through the park. It just isn’t the same if we don’t socialize with the same cast of characters which makes my mornings feel like something out of “Groundhog Day”.

More sniffing, more exploration and more canine meetings, greetings and salutations and then the morning walk officially ends when we meet up with Nilla as in vanilla, the yellow Labrador. She is such a goofy, happy-go-lucky gal and even though she has been through many medical procedures, she is the Matthieu Ricard of dogs. She never fails to leave us with a smile to start our day. Or at least mine. And it starts all over again with the nose-nudge at 2:00 p.m.

Linda writes for The Examiner



Charity News



The 2015 Greyhound Ambassador, Jack, has his specially made Union Jack coat at the ready to join greyhounds all over the world, who are getting out their best collars and leads in readiness for the Great British Greyhound Walk on Sunday 21st June.   The Great British Greyhound Walk is an annual dog-walking event that brings together greyhounds, lurchers, other sighthounds and their owners, to raise awareness and show members of the public just what wonderful pets greyhounds make.


This year promises to be an exceptional event with a record number of walks many of whose organisers signed up immediately after last year’s successful event which had 3370 hounds and their owners in the UK and 529 across the world. Sky Sports presenter, Julie Collier, is due to attend with her greyhound, Roxy, and Author, Andrew Dilger is signed up for Oxford.


There is also an online “Bling My Bandana” competition with prizes for the most glitzy creation and the website has an on-line shop selling all sorts of exciting  merchandising.


If you would like to join our greyhound family, more information about the walks in your area are on:   If you have never been on a “Greyhound Walk” before, or you and your hounds are “regulars”:  join in, share photos and come along to a Walk near you – you don’t need to book or “join”, either contact the walk organiser or just come along and introduce   yourself – we’d love have you with us.

Email:  [email protected]



Ned’s daily (well almost) diary

Hello all my name is Ned, AKA Galtie Ned, I have been in my forever home now since May 2012 and I think I have me Mummy and Daddy well trained now. . . .

Evening all, Neddy here, I have been finking now that duz be dangerous you know in two munths I will have been in me forever home for free hole years !!!!!!!! Wow thats a long time you knows.  I wuz peering over me Mummys shoulder when her woz looking at me pictures today and will you take  a look at this.  This woz me on me furst day at home, you wills note me fluffy furs ? This woz coz I had been given me furst bath to get rids of me kennel pong.

Now this one woz the next day note how stressed I look!

Lots of love and houndy kisses
From Neddy boy
x x x x


Danielle MacKinnon speaks about animals in Heaven

A leader in the Intuitive Coaching and the Soul Contracts arena, Danielle challenges people to re-think how they view themselves, their strengths and their weaknesses. Combining her intuitive skills with her unique ability to connect with the Soul, Danielle continues to lead thousands of people through their “challenges” into a world of possibility and brilliance.

Today's question is “Do animals in Heaven send another pet to their people on Earth?”  

Now it’s kind of a cool question because it absolutely does happen.  I find that animals are kind of working behind the scenes a lot of the time. They are maneuvering things so you end up with another animal (or a particular animal).  They really want to make sure that whatever work they were doing with you when they were alive that they’re continuing that work.

So let’s say you dog was helping you learn how to feel like a leader and you’re working on that and then your dog passed and that soul contract with him was complete your dog is going to probably work behind the scenes to send you another one. To send you now a dog that doesn’t need maybe as much handling or alpha because now you’ve kind of got it and maybe that dog is going to help you with something slightly different but still on the same track.

So yes they absolutely send other animals.  They even send other people.

That animal that crossed over just wants to help you evolve. Whether that animal is on this side or the other side, that animal is going to do everything he or she can to help you.



Home Made Dog Treat Recipe

Good Dog Cookies

2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

3/4 cup nonfat dry milk powder

1 egg, beaten

1/2 cup vegetable oil

2 cubes beef bouillon cube

3/4 cup boiling water

2 tablespoons brown sugar


Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C) Gas mark 2. Lightly grease one cookie sheet.

Dissolve bouillon cubes in boiling water and allow to cool.

Combine the flour, dry milk, egg, oil, beef broth and brown sugar. Mix well and knead dough for 1 minute.

On a floured surface roll out dough to about 1/4 inch thickness. Cut out bones and place on cookie sheet.

Bake for 30 minutes and allow to cool.

Makes 12.

Taken from

And Sam Makes Three


We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. So follow the adventures of the Greyhounds4me hounds as I keep you updated every 2 weeks.

Mar 9th - Sam was completely exhausted after our walk today, poor lad just totally worn out!

Mar 10th
- Vera innocently strolled in after a post breakfast dig-fest!
'No Mummy, I have no idea where that huge hole came from, maybe we have moles in the garden?'

Mar 13th - On our walk today, Sam managed to shove his head down a rabbit hole then stared at 2 squirrel trees for a while and finally surveyed Mole Town. Not a single rodent to be found though, he was most disappointed!

Mar 16th - Sam managed to graze just under his eye today. Not sure how he did it, could have been in the van or on our walk. I put some of our new Aloe Vera gel on it so hopefully it will heal up ok
Mar 17th - Sam's eye is looking a lot better today, drying up and scabbing over

Greyhound Health

A page on the website giving an insight into Cancer Terminology


**Accuracy checked 23 March 2015, 

 Dr Ken Wyatt BSc BVMS FANZCVS, Registered  

 Specialist in Veterinary Oncology, Perth Veterinary Oncology


Antigen- Anything that the immune system can target.  Almost always a protein.

Atrial- To do with the top 2 (left and right) chambers of the heart

Biological behaviour – The term used which describes the way the tumour is actually seen to behave. This may differ from the behaviour that is expected, based on the pathology result.

Benign-  Not cancerous.  Benign tumours can grow but do not spread to other parts of the body.

To read more, visit the website at


Ned’s daily (well almost) diary

Hello all my name is Ned, AKA Galtie Ned, I have been in my forever home now since May 2012 and I think I have me Mummy and Daddy well trained now.

This morning was very chilly again, we wrapped up warm and went down the Prom as usual, this morning we walked beside the river it was so still we could see the sky in the water and Mummy stopped and listened so I did to, funny thing was all I could hear was the gulls calling and a dog barking somewhere far off. So I duz not know why she was listening.
Then we walked beside the little ditch ( well normally but its a bit wider now) and back home past the geeses.

Lots of love and houndy kisses
From Neddy boy and his Mummy (without the houndy kisses)
x x x x


And Sam Makes Three


We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. So follow the adventures of the Greyhounds4me hounds as I keep you updated every 2 weeks.

Feb 18th - The sunshine had livened Sam up so we broke out the hide chews to keep him occupied. Sam can easily get through one of the knotted ones whereas Vera prefers a cigar shaped one and Rocco doesn't like the tough ones at all and likes one of the hide munchy rolls instead.

Mar 5th - I got so fed up with having to make the sofa bed up with a mattress on top at night and then put it all away every morning that I came up with the idea of a loft bunk bed Bed for me at the top, doggy sofa at the bottom!  Thankfully Andy came over to help me build it as I couldn't even move the packs of wood! LOL! It took a few hours but finally it was finished and not as huge as I had imagined it would be. With the sofa bed underneath it makes a real cosy den
After Andy went home I sat up for another good hour and a half putting the ladder together. I must have been tired cos it was resisting and the instructions didn't make sense but in the end it was worth it.

Vera completely lost interest in it but the boys thought it was nice and cosy in the den.

Roc was a bit put out though when he realised that I was sleeping on a shelf and he couldn't invade my bed like he usually does! It is nice to have a posh satin duvet cover and not have muddy paw prints all over it!



The School of Canine Bowen Therapy are holding a new course starting in April in Surrey. Anybody wishing to attend does need to have completed some Bowen training, but meantime if you are interested in the course we cover many different aspects of wellbeing in dogs.

All the modules are constantly being developed and we look not only at canine anatomy and physiology but locomotion, nutrition, and how to monitor dogs health.

A large part of the course also looks at calming signals in dogs (as this is essential when treating dogs especially when working with a hands on therapy) and we look into stress in dogs as this is not only important during treatment but it is also the cause of many illnesses and behavioural problems in dogs.

The course is recognised by ECBS and BPTA

For more details please take a look at our website


Charity News
Great British Greyhound Walks
GBGW Ambassador, Jack Alford, addresses the assembled masses.....

*stands on box*
Dhis is yoous hambassadoor speakinks.
Ternite wees cutting da ribbin ob da noo look GBGW website.
Go an regista yoous worlk, buys yoouself sum fink nyce, grab yoous bandana in readies fer da blind yoous bandana kompetishun or even haff a look at soopa fantastic fotos from last yeers worlk.
Wees haffs redesigned ower logo to take on board how wees haffs grown ova da last 5 yeers.
I now announce da GBGW NOO look websyte OPEN!!!!!!
*Snips ribbin*
*trumpets play fanfayre*

And check out the GBGW Facebook group for a photo competition and chat


Home Made Dog Treat Recipe

Bacon Fat Biscuits


1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup wheat germ
1/2 cup melted bacon fat
1 large egg

1/2 cup cold water


Preheat the oven to 350°F, 180° C, Gas mark 4.

Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix by hand until dough forms.

Add more flour if the dough is too sticky.

Add more bacon fat or water if the dough is too stiff.

Roll out onto a floured surface, to a thickness of just under 1/2-inch.

Cut into 1x4-inch bars and transfer to a cookie sheet. Poke divots into the bars (I use the end of a chopstick) and bake in a preheated oven for approximately 20 minutes or until lightly browned.

Turn the oven off, flip the bars, and place back in the oven until cool (this will further crisp them).

Treats can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature.


For more flavour ideas visit the website


Greyhound Health

Ask a Greyhound Vet
Richard Torr of Canine Sports Ltd is a vet with a special interest in Greyhound Sporting Problems. Richard is happy to answer questions through the column but cannot enter into individual correspondence of directly comment on the work of other vets. Also advice given should not be considered an alternative to a proper examination with a qualified Vet. If you have a dog you wish him to see you can contact the Clinic on 01509 507080 but he is unable to give advice over the phone. His main area of interest is lameness but the clinic can deal with more routine work eg Dental. Canine Sports Ltd also supplies flea & worm products and joint supplements ( and is proud to support Hathern Dog Rescue and The Retired Greyhound Trust.
Greyhounds Have Big Hearts!
Q. Rebecca L writes “We went for our yearly booster this morning. The vet listened to my Greyhound’s heart rate as part of the check up and said it was way too fast for what she expected. I thought it was because he has suffered from lung worm for many years now, so I thought nothing of it! Other accompanying symptoms he is having are coughing and tiredness and generally depressed most of the time. We have an appointment on 29th November to see if it’s slowed down but if not then she is taking him in and giving him scans and everything. The thing I’m most scared about is when he was neutered there were complications with his heart whilst he was under anaesthetic. I don’t want him to go under again just in case I lose him. He is my world, I’m petrified now"
A. Richard says “Talking generally, because Greyhounds have been bred as athletes for centuries they are blessed with healthy hearts and lungs. It is true that normal heart sounds are sometimes mistaken for murmurs and vets sometimes take x-rays and interpret the large heart of the Greyhound as abnormal but in the main hearts are hearts and vets in general practice are well qualified to detect abnormalities.
Greyhounds can have heart murmurs and lead perfectly happy active lives and even race but unfortunately like any breed of dog some do have heart defects which cause us vets to be able to hear murmurs. They can be born with defective heart valves or holes between the heart chambers but thankfully these are rare.
Greyhounds can also suffer from problems with the pacemaker part of the heart leading to a condition called Atrial Fibrillation where the top part of the heart beats very fast and this can lead to the heart failing to pump enough blood. Another condition is Dilated Cardiomyopathy, this is where the heart muscle becomes stretched and ineffective, the heart enlarges and has to beat faster than a healthy heart in order to pump the same amount of blood as a healthy heart. Heart problems can cause a Greyhound not to want to exercise, appear to tire easily, increase the heart rate, they may cough (especially at night) and may get build up of fluid in their stomachs and legs and they may go off their food.
It is important to get the correct diagnosis and there are many tests that can be carried out without having to give the dog an anaesthetic. With a Greyhound it may be best to start with an ECG to measure the electrical activity of the heart followed by an ultrasound but the operator must be skilled in heart ultrasound to get meaningful results. There are also blood tests now available for cardiac enzymes much like in us humans. Ultimately an x-ray may be necessary and although it may seem dangerous, often much more information can be obtained with the dog asleep, the main reason for this is that you can’t ask a dog to breathe in to inflate the lungs for a clear picture also Greyhounds pant when stressed and this can cause blur on the film, this extra information may well be worth the small risk as a correct diagnosis is essential as treatments vary greatly. This may also allow your vet to do a test called a tracheal wash, which is great for diagnosing inflammatory disease as well as lungworm.
There are many recognised dog heart specialists and although you may prefer to trust your local vet do the work up, often for a fixed fee you can have the ECG, ultrasound and x-rays sent to a heart expert for a specialist opinion which may greatly assist your vet in choosing the right medication for your dog.
In this specific case you mention that the dog has suffered from lung worm for many years, has this been diagnosed or is this a guess? and if so has it been correctly treated? Also dogs can suffer from heartworm (rare in the UK at the moment) so it may be worth testing for this. Also very rarely Greyhounds can suffer from overactive thyroid glands, which can cause the symptoms you mention however I have only ever seen one case of this. Keep your appointment, ask your vet about what can be one without anaesthetic and consider getting an opinion from a veterinary cardio respiratory specialist.
Kind Regards Richard Torr Bvet Med MRCVS
Copyright Richard Torr (c)2010-11-05 all rights reserved


Meeting Danny the READ Greyhound by Linda Weber

One of my favorite books to read to children is “Danny Strikes Out in America”. I reviewed the book in 2014. The story is based on the adventures of Danny, a real greyhound living in England who travels to America and the adventures he has while in the United States.

As I was reading it again the other day, I started to daydream about what it would be like meeting Danny. The next thing I knew, there I was, watching Danny getting off the subway in London with his owner and faithful companion Tony Nevett. Danny took us to The Kennel Club where he peeked in the window. We were buzzed in right away. He took us to the front counter where there where Visitor’s badges waiting.

Danny led me to the Library where his two favorite books are, “Danny Strikes Out in America” and “Danny Goes to London”. I read them to him while he rested there. He loves to see the pictures of himself and all his friends in the books. He said he really enjoyed his visit to the United States and plans on visiting there again very soon.

Then Danny took me to see the famous Crufts trophy. He is very proud of it and hopes one day a greyhound will win that trophy. He likes to go to the annual Crufts Dog Show to see all of his friends, dog and human. We wandered through the Art Gallery so he could show me all the beautiful art of his canine friends.

Danny told me he is famous at The Kennel Club. His picture even hangs in one of the Executive offices. Everyone greeted him and had a kind word for him. One lady even had some toys in her office, which he took time out to play with. He told me that even though he is a “working” dog, he takes time to enjoy life and smell the flowers.

The next thing I knew, we were walking back to the subway to wish him and Tony safe travels back home. They disappeared into the crowd and that’s when I realized I was back in my living room. As I closed the book, I found a tiny Danny plush next to me. This was all a daydream wasn’t it?

My profound and heartfelt thanks go to the following: Mr. Tony Nevett, one of the most gracious and unassuming individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. The time he spent with my husband and me out of his very busy schedule is a memory that I will cherish forever; Heidi Hudson of The Kennel Club in London who has the enviable job of Picture Librarian & Photographer. Although she was busy, she took the time to show us all the beautiful artwork and collections and for that we are in deep appreciation. My last acknowledgement is to Danny who, even though he is famous, posed for pictures and made sure we had fun.

For more from Linda Weber go to


And Sam Makes Three


We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. So follow the adventures of the Greyhounds4me hounds as I keep you updated every 2 weeks.

Jan 30th - We had to cancel our walk yesterday, as between leaving the house by the back door, walking up the entry to the van and opening the van door, it blew up a blizzard! Totally crazy!
The rest of the day was stop start snow showers and then it snowed overnight. Apparently none of the roads were gritted and so there is total chaos in Coalville and surrounding areas with accidents and traffic tailbacks.
Luckily the snow began to thaw around lunchtime today and we were able to get to Bardon for a walk. It is much nicer when the blizzards have subsided, the roads are clear and the sun is out.

Feb 1st
- We went for a trip over to Andy's neck of the woods today and explored the industrial estate near his house. It is a lot busier than ours, even on a Sunday there are lots of people coming and going. Some big factories there like Walkers crisps and Bradgate Bakery.

Then we stopped off for a visit with Uncle Bruce and the doggies were reminded what a garden looks like when it still has some grass!!

Feb 6th
- Today the hounds proved yet again that they should always be muzzled on walks. We turned a corner and there was a dead rat in the middle of the path! I tried to steer the hounds round it but Sam was way too sprightly and managed to grab hold of the rat through his muzzle. Rocco decided he wanted a piece of it and darted round me, giving me a lovely rope burn on my thigh from his lead through my coat and jeans! Luckily the muzzles cut short the ratty tug o' war and I dragged the Hooligoons across to the other side of the road. Without muzzles there would have been a full on scrap over the find!


Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust Chat on Facebook
Kev Stow at LGT shared a great post by

 Dennis McKeon in the USA in response to a lady pointing out how many changes greyhounds go through in their life:

"One of the great myths that has been propagated about racing greyhounds, is that they were unhappy in their lives as racers. This has caused adopters inestimable angst and misunderstanding.

For exactly the reasons you have noted, Maggie---newly adopted greyhounds can miss their handlers, their kennel mates, often their littermates, among whom they have spent their whole lives, as well as their known and familiar routines.

When a greyhound is tentative or reluctant about embracing their new life, it is always assumed that is because they were abused in their previous life. It seldom seems to dawn on many, that they might just be missing what for them was a perfectly satisfying life, and are utterly intimidated and confused as to why things have suddenly and completely changed.


Greyhound Health

Hope on the horizon for Osteosarcoma in Greyhounds by Linda Weber

One of the most heart-wrenching things for a greyhound owner to hear is a diagnosis of Osteosarcoma or bone cancer in their greyhound.

Bone cancer is more common in large breed dogs such as greyhounds. While no cause has been specifically pinpointed, one contributing factor is possible blunt bone injury such as those greyhounds gain at the track. It can affect any bone in the body, but 75% to 85% of these cancers are found on the legs at the shoulder, wrist or knee joints.

There seems to be some hopeful news on the horizon. A vaccine is being tested at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in Philadelphia. Nicola Mason, BVetMed, Ph.D., is a veterinarian, immunologist and assistant professor at the school. She has been working on a recombinant bacteria vaccine that may help prevent the spread of the cancer by stimulating the immune system to target and kill the cancer cells.

The vaccine is being tested through clinical trials and at this time is pending licensing approval through the US Department of Agriculture.

While there are currently no known prevention methods for Osteosarcoma, the vaccine will hopefully provide the breakthrough needed to treat an existing diagnosis of cancer in greyhounds.


And Sam Makes Three


We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. So follow the adventures of the Greyhounds4me hounds as I keep you updated every 2 weeks.

Jan 17th - Had a sunny but frosty walk this morning much nicer than earlier in the week when we got drenched in torrential rain and then slithering around on ice . 

Jan 18th - The Landlord got another crazy phone message. "There is a bird down the chimney trapped behind the fire and screaming crows on the roof."
Got home to find a crow flying round the house, broken vase in kitchen. Opened a window and it flew out, thought the bird had managed to climb out of the fireplace but no!! it is still in there! that must have been a Mommy one come down to rescue it. Gotta give them credit for being brave and not just abandoning the baby one. Hopefully International Rescue will come by tomorrow and get the fire out. I posted some grapes and sunflower seeds and walnut pieces in through the gap for it. Sam says 'See! I told you there were creatures in the fire looking at me!'

Films NOT to watch tonight..............The Birds, The Crow, Mighty Ducks, Where Eagles Dare, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.....

Jan 19th - The Mommy Crow came back down the chimney to feed the baby one. Unfortunately she chose the wrong window to try and escape the house after exiting the fireplace and Sam got her! Sorry I couldn't save you Mommy Crow :(

Finally the gas bloke turns up after a right mess of communications between the house agents and the gas firm.
I swear you could not write this stuff!! gas engineer turns up and disconnects the fire. Said no way was this fire gas checked for the certificate as it would not be in this kind of state. Behind the fire is a heap of rubble and wait for it.... NO BIRD!! gas pipe is now capped, fire in bits and condemned and gas certificate called into question.
And the gas engineer's name? Hitchcock!!

Vera discovered how to get ear rubs on demand and I managed to get a short video ............

Jan 23rd
- Poor Rocco got a bit stressed on our walk at the industrial estate today, when we bumped into the Red Setter breeder with one of his dogs, 3 times!!

He is very reactive to other dogs and gets in a right state, screaming, twirling, howling, barking, pulling on the lead  and generally creating a whole lot of fuss.  Vera and Sam will join in with him if the other dog looks like a threat or gets too close but usually the other dog is just walking along with their owners and minding their own business.

At least I managed to stay on my feet this time!
Here is Rocco resting on the sofa to calm down a bit back at home. 


Ned’s daily (well almost) diary

Hello all my name is Ned, AKA Galtie Ned, I have been in my forever home now since May 2012 and I think I have me Mummy and Daddy well trained now.

Becoz I gots the all clear yesterday for me walks this morning me Mummy did puts her wellie boots on and we went over the muddy field instead of staying on the paths I did sees a squirrel and gaves him me best stare then I did meet a whippety whippet called Tilly who dids says hello to me I liked Tilly :)

Later dudes
Neddy boy


Charity Competition Winner

The winner of the Pinkfluffykitty Bandana draw on our facebook page was 

Hampshire Greyhound Rescue - suggested by Janey Hudson.

David at Hampshire Greyhound Rescue sent his grateful thanks for the set of 4 bandanas and will be using them to raise funds for needy hounds looking for loving homes.  Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, it was a great turnout!


Charity Fundraising on Ebay

Greyhound Bob T Shirts

Greyhound Bob Products are designed by Kentish Artist Paula Trower.


Supporting the Retired Greyhound Trust

Greyhound Bob Mugs

Greyhound Bob Products are designed by Kentish Artist Paula Trower.


Supporting the Retired Greyhound Trust


A Reader's Reply to an article by Pennie ....

People and Dogs! Dear Val, having had boarding kennels with a license for 120 dogs and 33 cats, I can assure you that nothing people say about their animals would surprise me. For example:- a number of people who on bringing their dogs into board will say to you:- "I've fed the dog as much as it would eat so it will be alright for a day or two" implying that it won't get much to eat whilst it is in the kennels! Where upon, once the poor overstuffed dog is in it's kennel and a new environment it immediately brings up all its meal on the kennel floor! In cases like this it is better to just give the poor dog water for the next 24/48 hours.

Other cases such as "I've walked doggy all the way here (about two miles, having had no exercise for goodness knows how long and nails that are like cashew nuts making it difficult to walk anyway) because I know it (the dog) won't get much exercise in the kennels! Other cases where a long coated dog is brought in to board and the owner says " Oh! By the way do you think you could give it a shampoo and cut and groom it's coat? When you do come to treat its coat it's not much fun to find a sore under the cover of its coat with maggots happily enjoying themselves. When the owner returns you get the answer, "Well it was alright when I brought it into the kennels!"
I could go on all day with stories like this. I'm afraid today's dog owners are less educated in a lot of canine ways and responsibilities required to properly take care of their animals. There, that's got that off my back Val!
Hope you enjoy reading it. All the best, Mick.


And Sam Makes Three


We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. So follow the adventures of the Greyhounds4me hounds as I keep you updated every 2 weeks.

Jan 4th - We went for our Sunday Sojourn around Ellistown and found the track that leads to Ibstock from Ellistown. It is impassable for cars etc but ok for walking, except that we had to turn around when we saw a chap and a dog coming the other way. No passing places to hide so Rocs doesn't see the other dog and have a meltdown.


Then we wandered down the road and found a tarmac roadway that leads past the bowls club and football club and to a big house called Pickering Grange. Very nice with lots of open fields with public footpaths across them. The fog was coming back down and it was quite cold but a lovely walk.

Jan 14th - Rocco's 8th birthday today and the hounds had Yorkshire pudding, sausages and gravy for breakfast. That didn't last long! and even Vera didn't complain about her food for once

Then I spent the morning making some fleece tug toys. Roc's one had a hidden squeaker in it but it scared him so Sam killed it!

 Vera doesn't really 'do' toys, Sam loves them even though his halo slipped a bit!

Jan 15th
- Got a bit inspired today with a bit of 'repurposing' to sort out the back gate.

It is a wind tunnel along that wall and the gate blows out of your hand and slams, bending the latch backwards. I was wishing I had a spare handle to put on it and suddenly remembered the old towel rail that Fel bought me years ago in my old house. Sorted!


Readers Write

Dear Val,
In June 2013 you were a great support to us when we had to say goodbye after only 5 months to Lyndy who had kidney failure. I thank you for that as it helped get us through an impossible time when depression almost consumed us. I felt sure Lyndy had been doped but could not prove it and still cannot do so, but I am 99.9% certain she was after seeing a t.v. programme last year about doping and the effect the drugs have, they, to quote the dreadful man, “burn their kidneys out”. The programme was filmed about doping at the stadiums where she raced all her life. It was that programme that undid the shackles for me, as I knew then the vet had been right, there was nothing more we could have done to help or save Lyndy. However, it made me scared of taking another retired greyhound, and John was terrified, as much as he wanted another dog. 

As usual we went along to the Great Greyhound Gathering at Nottingham on 19th September, and there we met Beep Beep another black greyhound but a racing refuser who will not be 2 until 29th October. I was all for seizing the moment and offering to adopt her, but John dithered until he took her for a walk and she convinced him that he must become her Dad!  Hall Green RGT have been amazingly easy to deal with and so encouraging, just what we needed. Lottie, as she is now called, finally arrived on Tuesday of this week. So far so good. She whined on Tuesday and for a couple of hours before falling asleep, then slept the rest of the night. Since then she goes to bed with us, she sleeps in a huge cage next to John’s bed, and within seconds she is asleep until about 7.30am. 

The toilet training is going well with no messes so far, she is loving Lady’s squeaky toys, Lady was my first rescue dog and she died 7 months before Lyndy, but she was around 13-14 years old. Lottie is wary of other dogs and is easily spooked by any noise when she is toileting, also she does not like the pack being split up, she likes to thieve human food and will chew furry things if not watched, so there are a few things to patiently sort but for only a few days here we think she is brilliant, she has certainly brought joy into our house again. Last night she roached for the first time, so she must be happy! 

I had this poem sent to me about 6 months after Lyndy died and I put it up on the wall where it has helped to keep me going until we asked to adopt Lottie. I have no idea who wrote it in the first place, I think its very moving.

A Greyhound Plea

Don’t look at the colour of my fur or the sex I may be,
Look deep into my soul to see the real me,
Don’t look at my age and think that I am too young or too old,
I will still need a warm and comfy bed when I come in from the cold.

Try to look past how long I’ve been waiting here,
Look past my shyness and help me get over my fear,
I just need a chance to find the love of a family,
That look past my scars and my greys and just hug me.

I just know my forever family are on their way,
That because of them I will have my own GOTCHA day,
So hurry up family, please don’t make me wait,
To be your family pet is what I want, it is my fate.

Love, Margaret


Around the world one in three dogs will be affected by cancer in their lifetime.  With such high numbers succumbing to the disease, dogs owner's apparently being uneducated on the subject and a lack of reliable information out there, the website evolved.


The inspiration for the website was a very special dog named Frodo.  In 2009 he was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma.  A very aggressive form of cancer and at the time his chances were 30%.  Frodo was lucky he was referred to a veterinary oncologist in Perth.  His oncologist Dr Ken Wyatt applied all his knowledge on this cancer, which was attained from years of treating just cancer patients.  Frodo went on to survive 4.5years but was sadly taken at Easter 2014 as a result of vinca poisoning.  He was cancer free at his time of death.


The website has the support of Australian oncologists, Dr Ken Wyatt in particular.  All the medical material on the website has been checked and the oncologist who verified the accuracy of the article is named. The oncologists also give up their time to answer our forum at no cost to dog owners.  This ensures that dog owners with questions on cancer are given the right advice.   Sadly,  there is so much information out there which should not be followed and as a dog owner it is hard to know what is right. Potentially this can harm our dogs.


The information on the website is relevant no matter where in the world you live.  There are articles on everything cancer related, written in a basic format that makes it easy to understand, even if you have no knowledge at all.  The website is ad free and we hope that everyone who reads the information takes something away with them.


Over coming issues of Ezine, articles from the website will be included.  In the meantime have a look around and if you have any cancer related questions feel free to post them on our forum.


Article supplied by:


Greyhound Health

What Signs Might I See If My Pet Has Cushing’s Disease ?

Cushing's is a disease that comes on very gradually – so you are quite likely to ignore the subtle early changes or attribute them to something else, and your vet may do the same. This slow progress is due to the slow rate at which these tumors grow.

One of the most common early signs of Cushing's disease is increased thirst and urination. Females pets are more likely to have accidents in the house and owners often tell me they have to fill their pet's water bowl again and again or that their dog has begun crying to be let out to pee during the night. Sometimes the problem is mistaken for a urinary tract infection or the beginnings of senility.

Another common symptom is weight gain. Increased cortisone levels increase the pet’s appetite as well as its tendency to retain fluids. It also causes the pet’s liver to grow larger. This, plus cortisone's relaxation of the pet’s abdominal ligaments, often lead to a pot-bellied appearance. At the same time, muscle shrinkage leads to spindly legs. All this makes it harder for your pet to get about, jump up on the bed, and climb stairs. You might mistakenly think the problem is arthritis. You might also mistake the panting and shortness of breath brought on by muscle weakness for a heart problem.

Many of these pets have poor or sparse hair coats due to skin changes caused by the excess of cortisol hormone – particularly on their trunk and flanks. When hair loss occurs, it is symmetrical (the same on both sides of the body).

Cortisol's effect on the pet’s immune system may make it more susceptible to skin, ear and urinary tract infections. Even some of the cases of demodectic mange that occur in non-juvenile dogs probably have Cushing's disease as their underlying cause. (ref)

Many pets with Cushing's disease are just not themselves. They have low energy levels and lack the zest for life that they once had. A similar effect occurs in humans with the disease. (ref) Pets with Cushing's disease may also be more susceptible to blood clots. (ref)

Hypertension (high blood pressure) in these elderly dogs may be a sign of Cushing's disease - It is know to be in humans.

Read more  - Cushing's Disease In Your Dog - Hyperadrenocorticism - What Happened And What You Need To Do


Danny the READ Greyhound

Danny was recently invited to a book signing at a prestigious John Lewis store where he pawtographed his latest book for his adoring fans.

Here he is taking a well earned break in the John Lewis restaurant and earning many admiring glances from the other patrons.

You can buy Danny's books at his website with Special gifts, all proceeds go to helping Therapy Dogs !!!


Linda Weber - Greyhound Articles in the Examiner
Linda writes interesting articles about Greyhounds for the Examiner and this one is about terminology used within Greyhound circles. For example: Sphinx, the position that Greyhounds find comfortable when lying down (see photo)

Linda also donates her entire monthly compensation from to greyhound adoption and education groups so when people read her articles, they are actually helping greyhounds!


Carrying A Greyhound

Linda C wrote in ....

Hi Val, I have been trying to get some images /  instructions of how to lift a greyhound as we were shown to tuck in the back legs and hand under chest and when we tell vets and people they do not seem to know, have you got anything that can help? Linda


Hi Linda, the best information I have found about lifting and carrying Greyhounds is on a forum with a discussion about different techniques.  The general consensus was that the two arm scoop (see photo) was how most folks pick up their greyhound with a couple of modifications:

1-If the hound is long, some folks put their arm under the tuck instead of behind the back legs.
2-Some folks put their forward arm between the front legs, with their hand on the dogs chest.

You can see the full discussion at


Ned’s daily (well almost) diary

Hello all my name is Ned, AKA Galtie Ned, I have been in my forever home now since May 2012 and I think I have me Mummy and Daddy well trained now.

Today I did get very worried, Mummy and Daddy were late up and me breakfast was late and me walk even later it started out as normal walking through the park but then we did goes up the town and that leads to the vets well I did see the vets nurse and she took a look at me tummy and said it was fine so I duz not needs to go back any more unless I gets problems
Me Mummy did give me a treat in the nurses room and she did say she had not seen a greyhound wot could sit before.   So I did spend the rest of me day on me Mummy and Daddys bed in my usual position.


Greyhound Health

This is worth knowing if you use a regular pet vet who is not familiar with the physiology of Greyhounds.  They have many differences from other breeds of dog, including their heart rate, blood make up and the susceptibility to corns on their pads.


Ned’s daily (well almost) diary

Hello all my name is Ned, AKA Galtie Ned, I have been in my forever home now since May 2012 and I think I have me Mummy and Daddy well trained now.

Today me Mummy took me to the vets shop. I duz NOT like the vets shop, today I did see the nurse, she is not so bad as the vet, she did look at me tummy and give it a wash she told me Mummy to bathe me tummy three times a day wiv something called hibbiscrub and take me back next week. Parrently me wound is not quite healed up in one point but she woz still happy wiv me.
I did says hello to  a dog in the waiting room whose name was Winston he woz a cross between a staffie and a french bulldog, I did like him.
Then I did gets a treat for being such a good boy.


Home made dog treat recipe

Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats

1 banana, peeled

1 cup oat flour

2/3 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup dried parsley

3 tablespoons peanut butter

1 egg, beaten



Preheat oven to 300°F, 150°C, Gas mark 2 .

Put banana in a large bowl and use a spoon or potato masher to mash it thoroughly. Add oat flour, oats, parsley, peanut butter and egg and stir well to combine. Set aside for 5 minutes.

Roll mixture into 24 balls, using about 1 tablespoon dough for each; transfer to a large parchment paper-lined baking sheet as done. Use the back of a spoon or the heel of your hand to press each ball into a (1 1/2- to 2-inch) coin. Bake until firm and deep golden brown on the bottom, 40 to 45 minutes. Set aside to let cool completely.

Storage note: It's best to store these in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Or, freeze them to give to your pal later; just be sure to thaw the treats before handing them out.

Makes 2 dozen

The parsley in these treats makes them a secret breath freshener for your pooch; substitute dried mint for half of the parsley, if you like. Don't hesitate to adjust the size of the treats to accommodate very small or very large dogs, baking them a few minutes less or a few minutes more, as needed.

Taken from


And Sam Makes Three


We were joined in September 2012, by the gorgeous Sam, a black lad with white flecks on his coat. Only a youngster at two and a half years old and with lots of character although very calm on walks. So follow the adventures of the Greyhounds4me hounds as I keep you updated every 2 weeks.

Dec 16th - Pennie recommended half an hour of chewing every day to keep Sam busy and tire him out and he was getting all moochy today so I had to break out the Christmas chewies!

Sam had a big one and the others had flat chews that were less trouble as they get bored easily and then Sam has theirs too!

Dec 17th - A different kind of walk today. We had only gone round half of our chosen route when we happened on a lady who had been in a car crash. The other driver had run off and left his car at the roadside. The doggies and I stayed with the lady til the police came and then I gave her a lift home as the policeman had to stay with the other driver's car as it was unlocked and would have to be taken to the pound on a low loader. Not that bloke's day as he got rear ended on a roundabout, car smashed up and now he will have to answer for leaving the scene of an accident oops! At least the lady was not injured and we kept her company and took her mind of the mess that is now her car. The hounds were all so good, just standing patiently and they had a sniff of the policeman!

Dec 19th - There was some clattering in the back garden and a ladder appeared against the tree next door. Sam was interested to see if it was the kitty finding a new way to climb over the fence. No, it was the neighbour attempting to cut down the big floppety branch.

It took him 2 hours to chop and saw through it but in the end it crashed down on their side of the fence. Phew!

Sam then spent the rest of the afternoon nipping outside to see if the kitty would put in an appearence.  Thankfully it didn't!

Dec 21st - We checked out the Markfield Nature Reserve today on our Sunday Sojourn and it was very disappointing.  There is a long bridle path but it has barbed wire in the broken down fence and a locked gate at one end so no chance for any safe off lead activity.  We tried to go along the main path but other dogs turned up and it became clear that there were no other routes to turn down to get out of the way so we had some Rocco screaming and the other people had to go and hide while we got back to our van.  We headed back to our usual industrial estate and had a nice calm stroll round there instead


Yellow Dog is the campaign for dogs that need some space on walks.
Check out their latest newsletter online

Yellow Dog now stock Lead Covers, Leads, Vests, and Bandanas for your dog as well as Rucksacks and Tabards for owners!


Greyhound Friends' 2014 Winter Newsletter is now available online! There are lots of wonderful articles which include our community work, our first dog float at a local parade, our Eagle Scout project, remembering Jane Spinoza, and compelling news about the condition of Greyhounds in Argentina. Please note that the newsletter download may take a little time, it is chock full of information and updates for you!


Also included is an urgent appeal from Dr. Couto of the Greyhound Health Initiative and more information about our mission to rescue other dogs in need. You can read about some of our dedicated volunteers, adopters and their special dogs like Grady, Marty, and Teddy and see the profiles for adoptable dogs.


Coping with loss at Christmas

An article by Inga Krastina

If you have lost someone you love, most likely you have heard from well meaning relative or friend: ‘He/she wouldn’t want you to be unhappy and grieve for the rest of your life’. Or some variation of that. In the midst of raw pain and sorrow you probably just got angry (even if you didn’t show it) or even more sad, or those words simply didn’t sink in at all. After the sharp edge of the pain has soothed a bit you might have considered this idea again and mentally agreed – yes, it’s true, they wouldn’t want me to be unhappy. Yet you have felt absolutely unable to follow this advice. ‘How, for God’s sake, can I be happy when my beloved child, or husband, wife, or brother, sister, my dear friend, my precious dog or cat, is dead? All I feel is pain, this deep hole in my heart; all I want is cry; all I can think about is that they are not here?’

With festive season coming, Thanksgiving for America or simply celebrating being with family, being grateful for the gifts we have on everyday basis, this dilemma can be even more tearing us apart. ‘How can I be happy when they are not here? How can I join rejoicing and celebration of others – they don’t have such a loss? How can I know for sure that there is a part, soul, or call it whatever you want, left of deceased loved one to communicate with me? All I know is that I don’t see them anymore, can’t touch them, can’t hug them, can’t hear their voice…can’t anything…and never will…’

Festive season, holidays and any anniversaries might be so hard on us when we have lost a loved one. We might feel so isolated and lonely with all the cheering around.

I truly do believe that there is no death; just the change of form and that communication with deceased ones is always possible. That would be my first tip on helping those who grieve at this time:

Read Inga’s Tips for Coping HERE….