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Knitting Page

On the Knitting Page you will find resources including How to Knit tutorials and free knitting patterns.


Check out  the FREE download of the Greyhound Footie Snood pattern HERE

The Lifesize Greyhound measures approx 35 inches from nose to rump.
Instructions include the shaped collar.  A pattern for the seasoned knitter with plenty of shapings.
Knitting pattern available in the Web Store

Some images follow of assembling your Lifesize Hound
How To Knit

Below is a series of videos for the beginner who would like to learn how to knit.  Just click on the link to watch the video:

Part 1 – Introduction and Casting On

Part 2 – Knit Stitch and Casting Off

Part 3 – Purl Stitch, Increasing and Decreasing


****  Latest Tutorial ****

Picking up stitches.  Shows how to pick up stitches at the edge of a garment for a welt or neck.  Click on the link below

Click the link below for.....

Conversion Tables for needles and yarn, Australia, UK and US