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Health Lottery

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If anyone would like to sign up to play the Health Lottery online here is a link to check out the great offers and prizes that you can win whilst supporting over 50 UK health charities

Pennie Clayton Event - How to have a happier, healthier dog

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Where?  - Business Innovation Zone, Unit 1 , Fircroft Way, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 6EL

When?  - 3 July at 10:00 –15:30


This day is hosted by School of Canine Bowen Therapy and Pennie Clayton

This workshop is all about the ingredients you need to enhance your dogs life.

The day will be presented in segments, each part will add up to an overview of how to improve all areas of your dogs life.


Dogs are not asked where they want to live, neither do they have a choice about when to go out or what they eat or the environment they live in, so this day will focus on helping owners to make the best choices they can for their dogs.



Refreshments provided throughout day, but bring a packed lunch

Human Bowen treatments will be available to book during lunctime, and taster sessions are a great way of finding out a bit more about Bowen.


Limited spaces. Tickets booked before 4th June £40.00 after this point £45.00.


To book or for more information and to book please contact

Pennie Clayton 07910 720961 or email [email protected]

Half Price Books at Greyhounds4me!

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Half price books at the Greyhounds4me webstore ideal for fundraising!  Make some tasty dog treats and knitted items for your Greyhound fun days or buy the books and sell on at the recommended retail price.

Greyhounds4me doggie treat recipe books were £5.00 - now £2.50

Greyhounds4me knitting pattern books were £15.00 and £20.00 - now £7.50 and £10.00

Pinkfluffykitty celebrates new logo with 10% discount!

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Pinkfluffykitty Pet Boutique celebrates their new logo with 10% discount!

with voucher code THANKYOU

2016 Greyhound Gathering Kanab Utah by Linda Weber

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Fabulous views, food, fun, furry-footed friends, and making some new two-footed ones, the Greyhound Gathering in Kanab, Utah had it all.


Greyhound Gathering Kanab Utah 2016

The Greyhound Gathering is an annual three-day event in beautiful Kanab, Utah. It isn’t so much an event as an extended celebration of all good things hound.


The theme for this year’s Gathering was “In all things we are one – Be the Change.” One change this year was welcoming all hounds in the Sighthound classification to the event, not just greyhounds.


There were so many events packed into the occasion. Claudia Presto, founder of, and the event, led the Costume Parade dressed as a tree. A town favorite, residents came to see the greyhounds dressed up in inventive costumes. People go all out to dress their hound in the most memorable get-ups. There were pirates, pilots, bees, beachcombers, dinosaurs, park rangers, and plenty of party animals.


One of the highlights included the Blur of Fur. The greyhounds chased their humans in a fenced-in area and the fastest one, clocked with a radar gun, was not the only winner. Prizes were given for the one the crowd liked the best and best try, among other ones.


One of the events not-to-be-missed was a visit to the “Best Friends Animal Society”, where their slogan is “Save Them All.” Located in a stunning natural setting, the animals are given love, food and a forever home there if not adopted.


The beauty of Kanab was also showcased in the “Wild West Tour” where many movies were filmed in that area. The hike through Pugh Canyon revealed the natural beauty of this area of the country.


The main goal for the Gathering is to raise funds for, a greyhound adoption and education group, while having fun with the dogs.


If you were unable to make it to the event this year, be sure to consider it for next year. There is no better reason than making it all about the hounds with a little fun on the side for the humans.

Hall Green RGT Fun Day

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Baker the Greyhound: from the cold streets to a warm sofa by Linda Weber

Posted on 20 April, 2016 at 16:05 Comments comments (1)

Injured, alone, foraging the streets for food; a greyhound in need. Before you despair however, this greyhound has a name, food, and a loving forever home.


The greyhound now named Baker, in remembrance of his start on the streets of Bakersfield, California, had a rather dismal start.


It is not known how long Baker had been wandering the streets, but no one was looking for him or took the time to reach out and help him. At one point, a teacher at one of the schools in Bakersfield called the Animal Shelter on him when she saw him begging for food from some of the school children. In March of 2015, Baker was picked up by the Kern County Animal Shelter where he was on a 10-day hold. in La Habra, California stepped in and accepted custody of him.


A cursory examination revealed an infected broken jaw, an untreated self-healed break of his front leg, thickened dirty yellowed matted hair and he was an unneutered male. The tattoos in his ears were so faded that no information could be gleaned as to any racing history. They did discover he was a 10-year old senior.


After being placed in a foster home, Baker was wary of the love and attention being shown to him. He would walk out of the house and lay in the backyard, not realizing that he was allowed to stay indoors and be comfortable. His foster Mom continually lavished attention and tried to undo all the distress he encountered while on the streets.


In anticipation of future adoption, Baker was given a more comprehensive examination and more trauma was discovered that made everyone’s heart ache even more for him. A canine tooth had pierced his nasal cavity in conjunction with the broken jaw. The tooth was removed, along with eleven other unhealthy teeth, and his nasal cavity stitched up. Due to the high cost of treating this particular injury, approximately $3500, a funding plea went out to assist with covering the cost of the extensive surgery. Greyhound and animal lovers came to the rescue and raised over that amount to help Baker. A medical decision was made not to re-break his hock so he will walk with a permanent limp but is not in pain from it.


All through this, had been updating his story on their website. Greyhounds released to FastFriends undergo a comprehensive medical examination, necessary vaccinations, treatment for broken hocks, spay/neuter services, and many more services before they are placed in a foster home prior to adoption consideration. Through their website you can see their pictures and read about their personalities as discovered through the foster parents or the many volunteers who assist the group. Baker was a favorite of many people as they followed his progress.


One couple who had been closely following Baker’s story “knew that he was meant to be with them.” A long-time adopter of senior greyhounds, his heartrending past and medical history were no deterrent to Sharon Haugen. Where others saw Baker as a greyhound with long-term issues, she looked past the physical and saw into his heart. Sharon and her husband Bart Rowe have always opened their hearts and home to senior dogs, knowing that the time they have with them might be short but the satisfaction of knowing they were in a loving home when they finally passed is reward enough. Sharon and Bart have worked tirelessly to place greyhounds in loving homes as placement representatives for Nevada Greyhounds Unlimited in Northern Nevada.


Sharon and Bart worked with FastFriends to get Baker to his new home in Reno, Nevada. But his ordeal was not over yet. Shortly after getting him to Reno, Baker started sneezing and was taken to a trusted veterinarian. Baker’s nasal cavity suture had reopened and he had to have surgery to repair it again. Resting comfortably after his surgery, he has learned the meaning of love and a comfy bed to call his own.


Baker has blossomed in the year since he was adopted. He has been embraced by his sister Lola, an afghan hound and loves his rescue cat siblings Pumpkin and Rusty. Mariah, a retired greyhound, spent some time showing her new brother the ropes until she passed in late 2015 at 14.5 years old.


Baker went from having to forage and steal food to stealing shoes to take to his living room. His cold days and nights are replaced with a warm sofa and his favorite chair. His loneliness is replaced with family, both the four-footed and two-footed variety.


He will be celebrating his first “gotcha day” in April 2016 and for those who followed and donated to Baker, this is the outcome that every greyhound lover hopes for.


Author adopted her ex-racing Greyhound from

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New prize in the May Day Giveaway!

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Gorgeous collars donated by Dogs on Bikes in the great May Day Giveaway!

To nominate your favourite rescue to win any or all of the prizes just comment under each photo with the rescue name 

Draw ends May 2nd at 12 noon GMT

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