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Canine Behaviour with Pennie Clayton of Horse and Hound School

Pennie sadly lost Floosie, her Greyhound, last Saturday and has written her article this week about when they first met.

Cragaknock Sue – Floosie

February 2000 – June 2012

The first time I met Floos she was not up for re homing, she had been promised to another family, but that didn’t stop her, as I walked down the line of kennels she was one of only 2 to get off their beds to say hello to me. I was still in mourning for my much loved lurcher Kizzy and wasn’t really looking to home a greyhound, I was secretly looking for Kizzy. Grief does funny things to our brains and I was convinced if I looked hard enough I would find her. What I did find was this funny smiling greyhound.

It was ages before she came home with us, she had come into season and Loopy and Flynt were both entire so we had to wait until she was safely out of her season. I remember being very nervous and excited as I had only ever had lurchers before. I had bought a book called Greyhounds for Dummies and I was set! The first ever day I walked her I decided, against all the advice I had been given, that she should be let off her lead, I thought I should “start as I meant to go on”. So off the lead she came in the HUGE field behind my house. I have never seen a dog take off as fast as she did and she was up to top speed in about 2 seconds. I gulped a bit and felt incredibly stupid but Loopy was way in front of me. He sped off as fast as she had gone and managed not only to catch her but he also turned her back to me…..then whoosh she carried on straight past me again, Loopy again also whooshed past and turned her towards me again. I could see imaginary newspaper headlines going through my head….”Greyhound gets killed on road”…… “Greyhound returns to kennels after only one day in home”…you know the sort of thing! Luckily Loopy was there and came to my rescue. It was about 6 years before I ever really got round to letting her off the lead again. Then she was perfect, and never left my side but that was WAY in the future.

As I sit doing this I am at a loss to explain the way she used to smile when she saw someone, or how she used to snuffle her way around people’s ears (she used to do this to one of my friends especially because she disliked it so much!) How do I explain how she cheered me up when my BFF lurcher died, and stayed with me and supported both of us through his horrible cancer and his last days? The truth is I can’t but I really felt I needed to share this with you not only as a therapeutic exercise but as a testament as to how fantastic greyhounds are!

When she first came home she used to regularly break into my fridge and freezer while I was out and help herself to whatever was in there. I have known her to eat frozen garlic bread, frozen peas, tubs of margarine in fact absolutely anything she could get her little brindle feet on. After a few years of this treatment the fridge freezer had bits of metal and rubber insulation hanging off it from the constant greyhound food raids. I tried everything to keep her out but the only thing that stopped her was building a small extension on my house and putting a new fridge/freezer slap bang next to the wall….not enough room for that long greyhound nose  to prise open.

We had so many lovely times, she loved camping and used to lie right in the middle of the airbed and was very funny when asked to move. In the early days we did lots of shows and she won loads of rosettes and she was one of the only greyhounds in the showground to bark incessantly – yes that was us! She calmed down into a very genteel lady who wouldn’t dream of barking when she reached 10 – very undignified!

She changed many dogs’ lives as she used to help me with dog-dog reactivity problems, she was always so forgiving and never barked or turned a hair when she took on this role, she was absolutely 100% reliable. One day another greyhound actually pushed her over when I was idiotic enough to get too close. She just looked very offended, got up and did the canine version of dusting herself off.

I have so many memories it is difficult to pick highs and lows so it is not surprising that they break our hearts when they leave us, our hearts belong to them as soon as they walk into our lives.

Run free at the Bridge Floos you are unforgettable and to say I miss you is not enough but I so desperately will.

Pennie Clayton runs “Horse and Hound School” and is a dog behaviour consultant, Bowen therapist and trains horses. She owns greyhounds and lurchers and is very familiar with day to day problems with rescue dogs and rehabilitating rescue dogs. She is available for behaviour advice, training and problem solving for all types of dogs.
Contact – Email: or on 07910 720961

Find Pennie on facebook HERE


Living With Pet Bereavement

For anyone suffering a pet bereavement there is a wonderful website with information, help and advice to help you and your family through this traumatic time


 Online Shop

Here are the latest items added to Greyhounds4me Online Shop

Hand knitted coats


Multi coloured hand knitted greyhound coat with high neck and button belt.

Each coat is unique and made to the greyhounds4me pattern which is available as a downloadable document here



Knitted coats are £20 each plus postage, also available are 2 designs of fleece coat in animal prints and tartan

Check out the shop here


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Rocky’s Progress

As you know, Rocky came to the greyhounds4me household just after Christmas following Reggie’s passing.  I soon discovered that Rocky has some issues with other breeds of dog. He seems to be really scared by them and Rocky and I have been working together to see if we can get him over this gradually.   I have been keeping a diary and here are the latest entries……………

June 3rd – This is the theme for today
Smashmouth – All Star

Rocky had a mad 5 minutes doing wall of death round the office and when I went to straighten the sofa cushions he jumped up and managed to head butt me full in the mouth!  Luckily I still have my teeth just a fat lip.  Needless to say, bone head never felt a thing!

June 4th – Had a go at some extra behaviour modification training today. Every time Rocky thinks there might be the chance of going for a walk he gets really silly and starts head butting me and pushing me to towards the front door. It really hurts because its usually when he has his muzzle on.  So today he started it and I was trying to get my boots on – had enough of the smashmouth yesterday – so I got him to get onto the sofa instead of running round me. Plenty of praise when he lay down. I turned back to putting boots on. Rocky jumped off sofa and started butting me again. Got him to get back on sofa and lie down. Plenty of praise. Back to putting boots on, butting, sofa, praise, boots, butting, you get the picture.  It took a while but he was starting to get the message so I will try this every day and see if I can calm him down and have fewer bruises on my thighs.

Then, as the rain has stopped, we went on a trek to Snibston Discovery Park. It was 7.30am so not many people about, nice and quiet walking down the main road. We passed a GSD who was on the opposite side of the road and Rocky looked and whimpered but the GSD had a halti on and the bloke pulled his head towards him so no eyeballing and all was quiet.  Got further along the road by the shops and a chap came round the corner with a poodle. Rocky was getting agitated as we got closer. They were on the other side of the road but as we got near the poodle started yapping at us. Rocky then challenged it to a Wake The Dead Screaming Competition, which he won hands down! the chap picked up the poodle and hid in the newsagents til we went past.

At Snibston we managed to have a great walk round and near to the lake, not too close just in case Rocky and Vera fancied duck for breakfast and I don’t swim that well. On the narrow path we encountered a Staffie. The owner quickly put him on lead but as they approached us Rocky was starting to jump about and squeal so we backtracked along the path to a fork and we were able to give it some room to pass by. Quite a bit of screaming from Rocky but the Staffie didnt react and Vera didnt even growl. After that we only caught a glimpse of a long haired GSD being brushed in the museum car park so that didnt warrant any howling.  All was well on the walk back home and Rocky flopped down in the garden, exhausted from all the excitement, having a breather before breakfast

June 6th – Oh dear! had the extreme bad luck to run into the same bloke with a Jack Russell Terrier twice this morning! mega screaming ensued as he had to pass right by us Judging by the mans face, I don’t think he was impressed!



9th September 2012 – Escot, Devon

The world record attempt for the most single breed of dog on a walk. You can be a part of this event and help raise funds for your local Greyhound Charity as well as raising awareness of the need for homes for these wonderful dogs.  Visit the website now to get involved


Some Fab Fundraising with Greyhounds4me knitted coats!

Rosey Green wrote in ………

“North West greyhound and lurcher charity Erin Hounds Sighthound Rescue  was already benefitting from proceeds of sales from e.g. ‘Lynn’s Bespoke Dog Coats’ who made us one of the charities she knits and recycles for.

In the winter when it was very cold I thought it would be nice if we could reach a larger number of knitters – as let’s face it, there are many dogs needing help/saving – and I was surfing for North West knitting clubs when I came across the UK Hand Knitting Association website. I noticed they had a charity appeals page, so I casually bobbed a little advert on this, not thinking for one minute that we’d get many responses. But a good number of people offered to knit and were inundated with enquiries – marvellous (not all knitted but those that did knitted several items!). We received over 15 coats and a dozen blankets, some knitters sending more than one package, plus a dozen snoods or more. These were sent both to Ireland for endangered dogs coming into our care (kennels there) and we diverted some of the coats and blankets to another Irish rescue and to Greyhounds in Need (GIN) for the galgos in Spain.

Meanwhile, the editor of Knit Today/Craftsellar spotted the advert and approached me, asking if she could do an article on Erin. Of course we said a big yes please! Two stories appeared this spring asking people to knit to help us (see article). The result – more knitters kindly offering their services. In fact, I’ve had about 40 emails!! (again, not all will knit, but even if just a small percentage do, that’s great).  We have had one or two items already, with more goods currently under production and two coats and several snoods have already been received as a result of the magazines.

People have been knitting for us in the UK, one in the US (coat on the way! – using cruelty free wool!), and in Canada. Some people have asked if they can donate their goods to their local rescue centres, by way of thank you for their/relatives/friends/neighbours’ hounds.

We’ve had individuals offering to knit, knit and natter groups, library groups, church youth group, a school … ladies in their 80’s.  We’ve also had the offer of other knitted goods, soft toys etc, to sell to raise funds for greyhound rescue.  All in all, it’s been absolutely marvellous and amazing to witness such an outpouring of generosity and love during a time of austerity.

It’s also been great sharing other people’s stories about their rescue hounds/other breeds of dog; especially heartening to have responses from people in Ireland who feel very strongly about animal welfare on their shores. BIG BIG thank you to everyone (including pattern creators etc.) and long may the knitting continue!

The photo is of Polo (now Ernie) when he was found in a pitiful state, emaciated and covered in open sores, in a donated coat. He is now in his new home, happy and healthy!”


………… and Rainbow Hounds!

Hi Val,

just thought I would send you this pic of one of your hounds I have knitted, she is called Bella and we are going to sell her to raise money for Greenfields Greyhound Rescue & Sanctuary. This is our local greyhound re-homing centre, we are having a stand at the Leek & Staffordshire Moorlands Show on 28th July to raise funds and awareness for the hounds, so if anyone you know may be in the area please send them along,

Kind Regards
Sharon Ford


Home made dog treat recipe

Oakley’s Cookies










2 cups whole wheat flour

1 cup rolled oats

1 tablespoon dried parsley flakes (or 2 tb fresh chopped parsley)

2 large eggs

1/2 cup +2 tablespoon water

1/2 cup non-fat dry milk

1 cup peanut butter


Preheat oven to 300° F, 150° C gas mark 2

In a large bowl, whisk together all the dry ingredients. In a smaller bowl, beat the eggs lightly. Add water and peanut butter. Gently combine the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.

Knead with your hands until you have a smooth ball of dough. Take a rolling pin and flatten out the dough. Using a cookie cutter to cut out fun shapes. If you’re feeling lazy, just leave the dough as is, and bake it like one whole cookie. You can always break them up after they’re cooked.

Make sure you’re using a non-stick baking sheet or spray it with light oil.

Bake for 30 minutes, or until golden. If you want the dog treats to be softer, take them out 10 minutes earlier.

Taken from


Craft Showcase on Greyhounds4me

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Craft Showcase

This week is the turn of Barker and Paws


Designed by me, Elspeth Rose, printed by a quality printers –

they do all the advertising and informative info for the Royal Armouries and other theatres and museums around Leeds.

A top quality book worthy of any sighthound lover!




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